Los Angeles Film School, Make.TV Announce Partnership

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Thu, 04/02/2015 - 15:21 -- Nick Dager

The Los Angeles Film School, a private media arts college located in the heart of Hollywood, and make.tv have forged a strategic partnership to launch an online marketplace that connects the school’s students with brands and professional broadcasters looking to leverage the new technology. The launch of the Hire a Producer feature with certified student producers from The Los Angeles Film School will serve as the base for the growing marketplace to connect creators and buyers.

As part of the partnership, make.tv has trained a number of students from The Los Angeles Film School who are now certified to work with the platform, and will continue to hold regular training sessions throughout the term of the relationship. All make.tv certified students are now eligible to be hired by make.tv clients from around the world within the make.tv Studio, and are eligible to perform the job from wherever they are located. This is possible because make.tv is cloud based and runs entirely in the web browser. Therefore, a team of producers from various locations can be hired to edit a live broadcast collaboratively.

When make.tv showed a sneak preview of its new product, the make.tv Selector, to over 800 interested YouTube creators at YouTubeSpace LA in January, ten students from The Los Angeles Film School were hired to demonstrate the make.tv platform from different work stations showing attendees how professional, low budget broadcasts can be produced using make.tv.

“We’re excited to be the launch partner for this cutting edge digital marketplace from make.tv,” said Diana Derycz-Kessler, president and CEO of The Los Angeles Film School. “This partnership not only gives our students hands-on experience with this game-changing state-of-the-art technology, but it also allows them to secure work with major brands and productions for compensation.”

"Our passion at make.tv is to support live content creators everywhere at all levels. By launching this innovative new program with The Los Angeles Film School, we are not only providing potential jobs for students and alumni, but fostering and encouraging entrepreneurship," comments Damian Pelliccione, head of business Development North America at make.tv.

The Los Angeles Film School www.lafilm.edu 

make.tv www.make.tv