LiveAirShowTV Goes Behind the Scenes of Big Air Race

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Mon, 04/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

LiveAirShowTV has announced that its newest feature video takes a behind the scenes look at the much anticipated IMAX film Air Racers 3D which launched a limited premiere last week. 

Principal photography for Air Racers 3D took place during the 2009 and 2010 Reno National Championship Air Races. LiveAirShowTV broadcast the Air Races Live in 2009 and provided daily race week and post-event video reports in 2010. This first look at Air Racers 3D includes writer producer and co-director Christian Fry talking about the production and some of the unique aspects of how it was made. Roaming the ramp at Reno and covering another crew shooting different aspects of the same thing was a lot of fun for our broadcast crew says Jeff Lee president of LiveAirShowTV. Being at Reno is really hard to explain to people. It’s something that gets inside of you. You just have to be there to experience it for yourself. Because of the film’s immersive 3D aspect Air Racers creates a starting point to help put people inside the incredible action at Reno.

 LiveAirShowTV co-producer Hans Kummer a veteran of IMAX and 3D production says I’ve been involved with several attempts to bring air racing to the giant screen and can attest to the complex production challenges. It has been a pleasure to interact with the Air Racers 3D film crew over the past few years and to witness their passion for aviation. I hope that the film serves as an inspiration to future generations of aviators and race fans. 

 Air Racers 3D is a co-production of 3D Entertainment USA & Pretend Entertainment in association with Stereoscope and is distributed by 3D Entertainment Distribution. It will have a staggered release in worldwide IMAX Theaters and 3D digital cinemas over the next three years. Advanced screenings have taken place internationally and it has opened at museum IMAX screens in Huntsville Alabama Pensacola Florida Columbus Georgia and Hutchinson Kansas. More theater launches are continually being announced including European locations.

Paul Walker star of The Fast and Furious franchise narrates the film as it takes audiences not only through the excitement of racing at Reno but educates them on the principles of flight and the history of air racing. I was privileged to see a near final version of the film at the Giant Screen Cinema Association conference held in Austin last September says Lee. It was a slightly strange sensation since I had just returned from Reno the night before and was still coping with witnessing the tragic crash of the P-51 Mustang Galloping Ghost. The 3D in this film is very real. It adds depth in the same way 3D was used to great effect in films like Avatar and Hugo. The racing scenes are staged for safety reasons but the excitement is still there.