Lightstorm and Christie Sign Five-Year Deal to Collaborate

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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

In a move designed to accelerate the development and adoption of next-generation 3D digital cinema Christie and James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment have signed a milestone five-year agreement to exchange research testing development and technical support on the industry's most exciting new technology. The companies say that the cooperation between them heralds a significant shift in how movies will be made and shown in theatres. 

 “I selected Christie for this journey of discovery because the company is fully committed to my vision and shares my dedication to continually push the boundary of digital cinema ” says Cameron.  “Lightstorm is committed to realising the full potential of 3D and high frame rate technology to fully immerse audiences in the world of the movie before them ” says Craig Sholder vice president Christie Entertainment Solutions division. “This alliance promises to spark a new wave of excitement creativity and innovation in film-making that will provide audiences with an unparalleled sense of total immersion in the movie-viewing experience.” 
 As part of its agreement with Lightstorm Christie will supply the latest Solaria Series of 3D-capable projectors ongoing access to emerging research and development on 3D and input into Lightstorm’s engineering related to 3D and high frame rate innovation. Christie will also assist in outfitting Cameron’s new production facilities including two screening rooms that will serve as virtual production sites for the next two installments of Avatar the most successful film in history using ground-breaking 3D technology from Cameron.  In exchange Lightstorm will share with Christie its findings into 3D high frame rates and the enhancements format and color space requirements for achieving the optimal viewing experience. This knowledge in turn will be used to enhance Christie's 3D technology as it relates to desirable projector and server functionality as well as help Christie create market-leading tool kits for exhibition and post-production markets and applications. Lightstorm will provide sample content for testing and demonstration of technical enhancements for the overall promotion of Christie's 3D technology. 

 Adds Cameron: “At CinemaCon Christie projectors were critical in helping me to demonstrate higher frame rates of up to 60 frames per second which dramatically improves the viewing experience. Most importantly Christie engineers share the same passion for perfection for continuously raising the standard of excellence that I do. I have full confidence that this collaboration will yield exceptional results.”  “With the right server technology our Series 2 projectors are already fully capable of being upgraded to deliver higher frame rates. Further collaboration will provide us with a wealth of information from Cameron’s award-winning production studio that will allow us to rapidly advance our pace of innovation in the development of 3D ” says Sholder. “Cameron demands – and delivers – nothing less than perfection in all of his movies which do more than break global box office records. They are true cultural phenomena that mark new milestones in visual entertainment.”  The Lightstorm and Christie agreement also provides Lightstorm with 24/7 access to the Christie Network Operations Center call center support and replacement parts that are included in all of Christie’s warranty services to all exhibitors.