Light Illusion Announces Upgrade to LightSpace CMS

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Mon, 03/23/2015 - 12:44 -- Nick Dager

Light Illusion has released Next Generation Color Mathematics for its advanced Color Engine, which is at the heart of the unparalleled calibration accuracy of LightSpace CMS.

After over six man-months of work the algorithms and mathematics that are at the core of the LightSpace Color Engine have been totally re-written and enhanced, with what the company says are visible and measurable improvements in final calibration results.

Flanders Scientific has been actively involved in beta testing the new Color Engine, and has been very impressed with the improvements, as Bram Desmet, general manager says, "It's always impressive to see something that was already good to begin with get even better over time. LightSpace CMS does this time and again and the latest release is no exception. The improved accuracy we are seeing is a testament to Light Illusion's commitment to the continued refinement of their products."

Steve Shaw, CEO of Light Illusion, expands on the new capabilities the new Color Engine. “The advanced calibration capabilities of LightSpace CMS can be seen by the fact any display can be accurately calibrated without the need for intricate optimization of internal display settings. All that is needed is to turn off any internal display color management, set the black and white points as required, and let LightSpace CMS do the rest.”

In running their own test Flanders Scientific looked at the minimum profiling requirements for their new range of OLED displays. Normally, accurate calibration requires many individual color patches – often counted in thousands. With the inherent linear response of the FSI OLED displays LightSpace CMS was able to generate very accurate calibration results with just 24 patches, in a matter of seconds.

“That is an unbelievable result,” says Light Illusion’s Steve Shaw. “It proves both the superb capabilities of FSI’s OLED displays, as well as the unmatched calibration that can be performed within a very short time with LightSpace CMS and its new Color Engine.”

LightSpace CMS, and its new Color Engine, will be demonstrated at NAB 2015 on the Flanders Scientific booth SL10805, where there will be a dedicated LightSpace calibration station available for visitors to assess the new Color Engine, with Bram Desmet, FSI, and Steve Shaw, Light Illusion, available for questions.

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