Light Illusion Announces Color Management Upgrades

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Mon, 05/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Light Illusion has announced what it says are significant enhancements to its range of color management systems both hardware and software providing advanced color control capabilities for all color critical workflows from film lab operations through digital intermediate grading to final delivery and distribution.

 First to be unveiled is an ACES toolset for LightSpace CMS which provides direct color control for any ACES based workflow a new color space developed by the Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. From on-set to DI operations visual effect facilities broadcasting or animation color space management has become more difficult with the plethora of new digital cinematography cameras released in recent times. LightSpace CMS with ACES capability provides facility-wide single color space management from a simple to use system that is display format and workflow agnostic.

In addition to ACES for LightSpace CMS Light Illusion is also releasing a selection of new JamTools capabilities adding to Alexicc and JamSync systems.

 New JamTools additions include GoProFuze a product that enables the logging and transcoding of GoPro footage into MXF or Prores for use in Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro providing editorial with selected sections from original shots using initial logging to save hours of transcode time plus a lot of disc space.

 AutoAlexicc is a new product which further builds on the existing Alexicc system leveraging the inbuilt metadata within Alexa image files to automatically select the required Look during transcoding matching any ‘looks’ defined on-set by the DoP. This is a new and fully automated workflow for dailies removing the need to manually grade to match on-set looks.

ShootersInc has been using Alexicc since it was first in beta. “By leveraging our existing infrastructure of Mac based clients with a fast SAN to create quick turn-around editorial dailies the solution has proved an ongoing success. Combined with the ability to create custom ICC profiles in SpaceMan ICC Alexa dailies are a snap to customize and execute in an easy to use solution. And don’t just limit yourself to Alexa capture; AlexICC has become our tool of choice to convert many QuickTime wrapped source files into MXF for easy Avid import when our bays are busy working. We look forward to the evolution of the JamTools product line as features and products continue to develop increasing overall efficiency in the dailies ROI ” said John-Michael Trojan manager of technology services ShootersInc Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The final addition is to Light Illusion’s hardware systems and is the SpecTD Densitometer developed by VFX Consulting. This is a widely anticipated development as it provides a long awaited alternative to the discontinued but ubiquitous X-Rite 310t densitometer.

 Antonio Rasure manager Kodak Cinelabs said This is a subject which I've been really passionate about within Kodak for some time. The discontinuance of the 310t by X-Rite in my opinion left a hole which has yet to be filled by other densitometer manufacturers out there. The SpecTD is not just a replacement for the 310t but a great improvement on measurement capability and something all high-end film labs will be desperate to get their hands on.