Legend3D Forms New Division Stereo Works

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Wed, 05/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Legend3D has introduced Stereo Works a new business division dedicated to collaborating with entertainment studios to create stereo images for feature films. Stereo Works supports Legend3D's 3D conversion portfolio by leveraging the company's propriety technologies to address a variety of stereoscopic issues faced by today's studios. By adapting Legend3D's existing asset control platform and efficient workflow systems Stereo Works offers film studios and VFX teams an experienced partner to provide precise post-production stereo imaging services. Legend3D has a deep understanding of all types of stereo and with extensive R&D we've developed tools that lead the industry in quality and efficiency. Stereo Works is a natural extension of our conversion services and enables us to better serve studios in managing native 3D post-production projects says Dr. Barry Sandrew founder chief creative officer and chief technology officer at Legend3D. Stereo Works provides a wealth of stereoscopic services such as native stereo repair to address camera anomalies lens refractions and reflection issues. It also supports stereoscopic rotoscoping color matching compositing of graphic elements and 2D plate corrections for flawless finished products that convey the director's vision and help enhance the audience's experience. The team led by Jared Sandrew Stereo Works' head of creative and Legend3D's stereoscopic visual effects supervisor includes Legend3D senior team members. The division is wrapping up its first major studio assignment for 3D release early this summer. Legend3D is an established 2D-to-3D conversion partner for Hollywood studios and with the creation of Stereo Works we're building upon our successful technology platforms to enhance offerings and fill the need for high-quality post-production stereoscopic visual effects says Tom Sinnott Stereo Works' head of operations and Legend3D's chief operating officer. This extended arm enables us to expand our work with studios to cost-effectively support high-end VFX projects and overcome common stereo hurdles both as a part of and in addition to 2D-to-3D conversion. Stereo Works is based in Legend3D's San Diego office. Legend3D www.Legend3D.com