Koerner Camera Buys a Fujinon PL Series 18-85mm/T2.0 Zoom Lens

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Thu, 04/01/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Film and digital rental house Koerner Camera Systems which has locations in Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington has purchased a Fujinon PL Series 18-85mm/T2.0 zoom lens. The purchase of the PL Series 18-85mm/T2.0 signifies an investment in the next generation of digital lenses that will work with digital cameras as well as film cameras.
 “Fujinon has taken the latest technology and put it to use for the new digital cameras that are coming out now ” says Michael Koerner owner of Koerner Camera Systems. “It’s going to be in high demand. I’m confident it will be used across the country on features episodic television and commercials for many years to come.”
 The PL Series 18-85mm/T2.0 is a true T2 Koerner says. “A lot of lenses claim to be a certain T stop or F stop but are not ” he says. “Also there is minimal chromatic aberration. The lens doesn’t flare at all like traditional lenses and there is no breathing.”
 The PL Series 18-85mm/T2.0 fits on any PL mount camera such as the Red One and Sony F35 CineAlta. Plus the lens fits on all of Koerner’s 35mm and Super 16mm film cameras. “From that standpoint it has a lot of potential avenues for years ” Koerner says.
 Fujinon www.fujinon.com/DigitalCinema