IntoPix Leonis Cinema to Collaborate on CineMaster-Pro

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Fri, 08/31/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

IntoPix has announced a strategic collaboration in the CineMaster-Pro DCP creator produced by Leonis Cinema. “With the post-production market for 4K DCP generation rapidly heating up in China so does the call for faster-than-software based solutions ” says Darren Ma CEO of Leonis Cinema. “Integration of the leading IntoPix JPEG2000 hardware compression technology allows the CineMaster-Pro to meet the new challenges for real-time or faster generation of large 4K and 2K HFR DCP files.” “We feel proud to be selected as JPEG2000 encoding technology provider for DCP creation by Leonis Cinema ” says Katty Van Mele director of business development at IntoPix. “The unique hardware compression solution enables real-time or faster communication with the DCP workflow allowing a substantial acceleration of the DCP generation in a professional production environment.”