Industry Groups Launch Effort to Educate Public about Online Content Theft

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Wed, 07/27/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Independent Film & Television Alliance and a coalition of its member companies have joined major broadband companies the Recording Industry Association A2IM and the Motion Picture Association of America to announce the launch of a jointly supported voluntary initiative to advise consumers about online content theft and legitimate alternatives. 
 The system creates a common Copyright Alerts framework which is similar to credit card fraud alerts and is designed to educate and notify Internet subscribers when their accounts have been identified as being misused for online content theft. This collaboration through which ISPs will educate subscribers about content theft on their Internet accounts protects consumers and copyright holders alike
IFTA and select member companies have issued the following statements:
  “It’s extremely gratifying to see the music and film industry –independents and majors alike – and ISPs unite in a time of crisis and work tirelessly together for a common goal ” says Jean Prewitt IFTA president & CEO. “The only way to temper the spread of online content theft is by educating consumers about the problem and about the available legitimate sources of content.  This voluntary program is unprecedented and we are eager to see the positive effects for independent companies and the industry overall.” Barbara Mudge president and founder of Worldwide Film Entertainment an IFTA-member company says “Every day I experience the catastrophic effects content theft is having on the independents – it’s a real-life horror movie. Each person we can educate and steer away from unlawful services will have a meaningful impact and this program could not have come soon enough.” Rob Friedman co-chairman and CEO of Summit Entertainment also an IFTA-member company says “Content theft continues to be a threat to our business both here and abroad. Initiatives such as a common framework for Copyright Alerts are a positive step toward both curbing the efforts of online content theft and educating consumers as to how their online accounts can be used by thieves to further their illegal activities.”
 The Independent Film & Television Alliance