Immortals First Movie Mixed in Iosono 3D Audio

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Tue, 11/29/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The makers of the new movie Immortals say that it is the first motion picture to be mixed in Iosono’s 3D audio format. As objects fly overhead swords and gods race across the skies in 3D imagery the striking visuals are complemented by an amazing 3D sound experience. Creating the Iosono version was completed within five days at Wildfire Post Production Studios in Los Angeles with veteran re-recording engineers Leslie Shatz and Brian Slack. This included setup of a custom portable speaker system an Iosono Spatial Audio Workstation and some training for Leslie and the support staff at Wildfire. “Everyone at Wildfire was really excited by the sonic results and how easy mixing decisions were to make ” says Shatz. “Integration into the North Stage was fast and simple especially using the new Harrison MPC4-D console with its 32 channel buss structure.” Olaf Stepputat CEO of Iosono was present during the mixing process and says “The movie sounds incredible and we’re proud that Iosono realized the first Hollywood movie in 3D audio as the sound adds so much to the movie experience.” Using the set of five eight-track stems as the source audio with some careful editing on the stage along with a few isolated source elements provided enough separation of the audio events to create the fantastic object-based mix that will be rendered real-time by the Iosono processor installed in cinemas. Relativity Media the film's director Tarsem Singh and Harrison Consoles all supported Iosono and Wildfire in the effort. Immortals opened November 11th everywhere. Iosono Wildfire Post Production Studios