IDIFF 2013 Featured Exclusive Sony 4K Screening of Samsara

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Wed, 01/30/2013 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Attendees at this year’s International Digital Film Forum trade show which was held last month in Paris were treated to an exclusive 4K preview screening of the critically acclaimed Samsara courtesy of Sony Digital Cinema. The documentary took five years to make across almost 100 locations around the globe.
  Oliver Pasch director of Sony Digital Cinema Sony Europe said “IDIFF represents an unique opportunity for key players across the industry to come together and share industry advances. The 4K message is an important one and Sony Digital Cinema is privileged to showcase its capabilities through such a triumph in cinematography. Samsara is a prime of example of when superior picture quality vibrancy and detail are at the core of the viewer’s experience.” 
  Samsara was presented by Sony Digital Cinema in association with independent French distributor ARP Sélection and digital cinema sales/installation specialist R2D1.
Maxime Rigauld sales manager R2D1 said “Since partnering with Sony last year we’ve been delighted to be involved in events such as the Marrakesh Film Festival and the upcoming IDIFF 2013 representing a shift in the market which sees wider adoption of 4K and an increased understanding of the greatly improved viewer experience. We look forward to continuing to support Sony in pioneering this movement.”