Identity FX Embraces SGO Mistika 4K System

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Sun, 11/13/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Identity FX has announced that it has embraced the SGO Mistika 4K system and is unveiling a new category of comprehensive 2D and stereoscopic 3D production and post-production services that the company says closes the loop in the 2D and stereo 3D production pipeline. With the newly-installed Mistika 4K color grading and stereo 3D system at the core of its service offerings Identity FX delivers a combination of services that positions the studio to deliver camera-to-delivery 2D and stereo 3D services to its client base of Hollywood studios and feature film television and commercial production companies worldwide. Additionally Identity FX is now providing clients with enhanced on-set stereo solutions including stereo dailies real-time stereo pre-viz and on-set compositing while continuing to offer VFX and stereo supervision. “Identity FX has invested significant resources to provide the market with a comprehensive 2D and stereo 3D pipeline utilizing Mistika as its core ” says David Scott Van Woert producer and co-founder of Identity FX. “With a compelling new service offering built around the Mistika platform we are taking advantage of leading edge technology innovations to close significant gaps at every level of the pipeline and deliver a caliber of 2D and stereo 3D production and post that we feel is unparalleled in the industry. We’ve had the distinguished honor of working on some very prominent feature films and commercials most recently in the stereoscopic 3D arena. And while we’ve achieved some major successes we’ve always paid close attention to our workflow and how we can make it more effective and efficient.” Director of SGO global sales and operations at SGO Geoff Mills says “With Identity FX's impressive credits coupled with the infrastructure they are developing to handle technically complex shows such as a commercial project they are currently working on in-house the facility is uniquely positioned to bring the Mistika's incredibly powerful toolset and workflow to the market. Identity FX's status as an established and leading U.S. post-production house firmly anchors Mistika as a vital 'must have' asset that provides the best solutions available across the globe today. By implementing Mistika at such an exciting time Identity FX has effectively adopted ground-breaking technology and we look forward to working closely with them as their business continues to grow. Alison Savitch stereoscopic and visual effects producer at Identity FX as well as PGA Chair Emeritus says “The future of the 3D market is largely dependent upon understanding the interface between evolving technologies and content creators. Identity’s goal is to bridge the gap between the complex post process and production. We all believe 3D is here to stay whether in the theatrical broadcast or emerging new media markets and understand that to be successful we must understand the trans-media production model as well as what the right tools are for the task.” Identity FX is a valuable partner to us; we're so impressed with how they've embraced mocha Pro so quickly and effectively in their stereo conversion pipeline says Ross Shain chief marketing officer for Imagineer Systems. Mistika and mocha Pro make a great facility combination. Mistika's high speed performance is an ideal station for 4K effects compositing while mocha Pro offers efficient desktop utility tools for roto tracking and removal based on Imagineer's Planar Tracking engine. This innovative new workflow that Identity has created will allow them to turn around any VFX project quickly and with quality results and is ideal to take on heavy 4K composites and shots that require planar tracking or multliple roto artists. Imagineer works hard to integrate with the industry's most popular post-production tools from Final Cut After Effects and Avid to Flame Fusion and Nuke. We look forward to working with Identity and SGO to continue development of the mocha/Mistika workflow. Identity FX ,2884
iPic Theatres Installs Xpand 3D Systems ,2011-11-14, iPic Theatres has outfitted several of its locations with Xpand 3D cinema systems. The Xpand 3D systems are in use at the iPic locations in Scottsdale Arizona Glendale Wisconsin and the Gold Class Cinemas location in Pasadena California. “iPic Theaters transforms a typical hectic movie-going experience to one that provides comfort relaxation and choices and we take pride in providing quality services and unique food and beverages for a great night out ” says Mark Mulcahy vice president of marketing at iPic Entertainment. “At iPic guests can fully customize their movie-going experience. With two levels of reserved seating full menu of house-made easy-to-eat dishes and full bar iPic Theaters is the ultimate night out.” “We found Xpand at the time when cinemas around the world were starting to get into 3D and we found some limitations with passive 3D technology such as the requisite silver screen ” Mulcahy says. “We really liked the quality of Xpand’s 3D systems the picture quality is excellent and the light output is very good. It’s a lot brighter than the other systems out there.” We love the ability to play the movie downwards meaning we can use the Xpand system in one of our large rooms for the opening week of a film then relocate the film and the system to a smaller size room and then an even smaller room a few weeks after that ” he says. “That versatility is unique and makes the ownership of a 3D system that much more convenient.” “We appreciated that Xpand worked with any server so you’re not required to use only one brand of server with Xpand systems ” Mulcahy says. “It’s incredibly easy to use and the system is very ‘plug-and-play.’ Once the system is set up it doesn’t require a lot of attention.” iPic Entertainment ,2886
Marquise Ocean Now Supports MWA Novas’s Flashtransfer Vario,2011-11-14,Marquise Technologies based in Switzerland has announced that its Ocean film transfer controller now supports the MWA Nova flashtransfer vario. The company says its support of the MWA telecine is a step further in its declared strategy to support the largest possible number of telecines. Ocean control of MWA telecine will allow direct film to data transfers including numerous file formats and of course the full set of digital corrections and tools to perform real-time quality transfers. Laurence Stoll CEO of Marquise Technologies says With the increasing interest for cost effective archive transfer and restoration solutions it was natural for us to add support for MWA's Vario within Ocean. Ocean not only brings full control of the telecine parameters but also adds a whole new set of functionalities for professional grading and real-time restoration. We are pleased to work with MWA and strongly believe that the Vario deserves a professional controller in order to deliver the maximum quality. Both Ocean and Deep Ocean will be available for flashtransfer vario through MWA Nova’s reseller network. MWA Nova’s sales manager Joerg Koehler says A lot of our existing and new clients worldwide want to use Ocean together with our flashtransfer vario to fill the gap in providing different file formats for different workflows and really like the opportunity to have a highly sophisticated film transfer color grading and restoration solution in one box. The combination of both systems will surely enable us to provide an optimized real-time solution at a very acceptable price point for nearly all types of requirements in this market. ,2887
Wolff Chooses Eclipse and Iwerks for Large Format Feature,2011-11-14,When pilot and aerial coordinator Marc Wolff began prepping for a large format feature to be shot in Budapest he decided to pair Pictorvision’s Eclipse with the Iwerks camera as an alternative to Imax. “With large format filming becoming so popular in the past few years it’s a great relief to have a choice between Imax and Iwerks for stabilized aerial filming ” he says. “And of course to be able to pair the equipment with the Eclipse the top-of-the-line aerial stabilized system. “I am a big fan of the Eclipse ” Wolff says. “From a director’s perspective I can get shots that no other aerial system can deliver. From a producer’s point-of-view we can work more efficiently save money and get more material on-screen for each dollar spent. With the Eclipse we use less flying time to get our work done and are able to achieve more work in a given day. And putting my pilot or aerial coordinator’s hat on it takes fewer takes to get a shot which increases safety and reduces risk to both me and my crew. It is also just pure fun to fly the Eclipse; I love it.” Wolff says that the installation of the Iwerks camera into the Eclipse was seamless. “The Eclipse performs it’s magic with the Iwerks camera as it does with any of the other many cameras that can be installed in it ” he adds. “By adding the Iwerks camera to this long list it provides the filmmaker with an even greater choice of film format in which to do aerial filming.” When Wolff’s equipment was up and running he shot a series of sequences including shooting at a very low height roof-top level over the center of Budapest literally dodging antennas as he flew. “Such flights over major European cities are very controversial from both a safety and environmental noise point-of-view ” he says. “The aviation authorities give us special exemptions from the law to carry out such flights but they limit the number of sorties we can fly and restrict them to a very short duration. “We did a shot flying between the spires on the roof of the beautiful historic parliament buildings on the banks of the River Danube ” he adds. “We were allowed to do it only once but thankfully with the Eclipse’s amazing performance and reliability we could be sure of getting the shot and also knew that thanks to the stunning large-format quality of the Iwerks camera it would look amazing on the big screen.” Pictorvision ,2889
Relativity Media Marchon3D Release Rogue 3D Glasses,2011-11-14, Rogue a division of Relativity Media and Marchon3D have created a new line of branded 3D glasses called Rogue 3D.
 The new line was released in time for the world premiere of Relativity Media’s Immortals last week. The glasses will initially come in four styles including an aviator style in three colors (red brown and gun metal) and a sport wrap style in black with signature red accents. Additional styles and colors will be rolled out in the coming months and will have a suggested retail price of $49.95. 

“Marchon3D has combined advanced optically contoured 3D lens technology with great style to deliver the highest quality and value to the customer ” says Randall Cox president Rogue Life. “For movie makers there is so much creativity and passion that gets poured into the making of 3D films that we want fans to have the best possible 3D eyewear to experience each and every scene to its fullest potential. In partnering with Marchon3D we are bringing together the best 3D movie-making technology with the best most stylish 3D eyewear.”

 Rogue 3D glasses which are compatible with RealD and MasterImage 3D can also be used when watching passive 3D televisions laptops and gaming systems.

“Marchon3D’s partnership with Rogue represents what we believe will be the future of superior 3D glasses distribution.  This is a great opportunity for people to experience the benefits of high-quality M3D lens technology and the value of owning their own pair of 3D glasses for all of their 3D needs ” says David Johnson president Marchon3D.
 Marchon3D Relativity Media Rogue 3D ,2890
Royal Service Cinema First in the Netherlands to Use Sony Digital Cinema 4K ,2011-11-14, Sony Digital Cinema has announced that the Royal Service Cinema in Echt is the first independent cinema in the Netherlands to be fully equipped with its 4K technology. The newly refurbished cinema in Limburg has installed Sony 4K cinema projectors in all of its four auditoriums. 
 “The choice of the Royal Service Cinema in Echt to install our 4K technology into its revamped cinema is an absolute milestone for Sony and illustrates the wide acceptance of the Sony Digital Cinema 4K solution. We expect to see more and more fully 4K cinemas in the Netherlands in the very near future” says Tore Mortensen digital cinema solutions account manager at Sony. “Furthermore the boom in 4K projection is being matched by a boom in 4K releases with an increasing number of 4K films being released as 4K rapidly gains momentum in the distribution community. As a result of the growing number of 4K cinema projectors in the Netherlands these films can now be viewed in their optimal manner.” 
Bas Haldermans the owner of the Royal Service Cinema in Echt says With our newly renovated cinema we are able to offer our valued customers the ultimate digital cinema experience. Most other digital cinema projectors are only 2K but Sony 4K is dramatically different with four times the pixel count delivering better picture clarity resolution and quality for a more compelling and entertaining cinema experience. This means our cinemagoers get a level of detail that they’ve never experienced before greatly enhancing their enjoyment of a fast action-packed film or a big scale epic adventure. In addition to this our customers can now order drinks in the theatres purchase tickets from our new computerized payment system and have drinks in the refurbished lounge bar after the movie.”