I3DS Announces Formation of Committee in Japan

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Wed, 07/27/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Japan Committee of the International 3D Society held its inaugural meeting and formally began its activities in Japan on July 14th. The committee is an industry organization established for the purpose of contributing to the steady growth of stereoscopic 3D technologies and content creation through education awareness-raising and recognition activities. While working with I3DS committees in the US Asia and Europe the I3DS Japan Committee aims to improve the art and technology of 3D content and to support the development of 3D industry specialists through cooperation with related companies and organizations in Japan. Jim Chabin president and CEO of the I3DS says We are very happy to see the founding of the I3DS Japan Committee. We look forward to the realization of a 3D education curriculum and an awards program for Japan that have been localized based on the experience of the 3D University in the US and at the same time we expect to see collaboration between 3D University activities around the world.” Asia Committee chair Masayuki Kozuka from Panasonic Corporation says There has been a rapid increase in interest in 3D productions in Asia as well and it is very significant that these kinds of activities have begun in Japan. I3DS will contribute toward the expansion and popularization of appealing 3D content through these activities. I3DS Japan chair Takashi Kawai says In recent years there has also been a rapidly growing need for good quality 3D production in various areas such as in movies TV broadcasts and communications. We would like to engage in new efforts toward safe and appealing 3D content creation from the perspective of both users and creators.” The I3DS Japan Committee http://www.i3ds.jp