Huayi Brothers Cinema Orders more GDC Servers

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Tue, 12/13/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

GDC Technology has signed an agreement with Huayi Brothers Cinema for the deployment of 170 GDC DCI-2200 Digital Cinema Integrated Projection Systems. The DCI-2200 system features the Barco DLP Cinema projector and the GDC SX-2000 Digital Cinema Server with Integrated Media Block. Deployment should be completed before 2013. Since 2010 HBC has operated five cinemas with more than 50 screens in Beijing Chongqing Wuhan and Hefei and expects to be operating 15 cinemas within the next two to three years.   “The successful launch of HBC reflects HBM’s ambition to complete the integration cycle of film production through to exhibitions ” says Yang Min vice president of HBC. “GDC’s integrated projection system and TMS fully meet our standard for building high-end cinemas. All our cinemas are utilizing world-class digital cinema equipment. We definitely recognize the high caliber technology and exceptional service of GDC Tech in the field of digital cinema which allows us to bring the perfect cinematic experience to moviegoers using the highest quality equipment. ”   “We feel extremely honored to be selected as HBC’s exclusive provider of digital cinema solutions. We started providing HBC with comprehensive deployment support in 2010 ” says Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Tech. “GDC Tech will offer its full support and collaborate jointly with HBC to accelerate the development of digital cinema revolution in China.”