Howland Chose K-Tek Klassic for Independent Film

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Sun, 11/21/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

LA-based sound mixer Chris Howland chose the K-Tek Klassic Graphite Boom Pole for the independent feature 2 Million Stupid Women co-produced and shot by Jay Holben. Howland who started in production sound five years ago says his first major gear purchases were the K-Tek 202CCR Boom Pole and the K-SM Shock Mount as well as the K-Tek K-Zepp-M Wind Protection System. “The Boom is very light and very consistent ” he says. “It is so smooth that I don’t have to think about the gear while shooting. I can stay focused on the shot which on any indie set has a tendency to change without notice. When you are involved in such a collaborative creative process it really helps to work in a way that allows everyone the ability to make creative decisions ‘on the fly’. The durability and usability of the K-Tek products allow me to do that.” “The Boom pole has different configuration options that allow me to customize it for different types of jobs ” he says. “For ENG and fast moving Indie movie sets like 2 Million Stupid Women I can use the internally coiled XLR cable and outfit the pole with a plug on wireless transmitter. For typical feature shoots where page counts are lower and more precision is needed I can use the flow through cable system which takes a little more time to work with but features a quieter operation.” The indie feature 2 Million Stupid Women has just been released on DVD and is the first case study for Filmmaker in a Box ( which offers an in-depth definitive and uncensored case study on the making of the entire production. K-Tek