Hollywood Software Signs Exclusive Deal with Marcus Theatres

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Tue, 10/13/2015 - 15:16 -- Nick Dager

Hollywood Software has signed an exclusive deal with Marcus Theatres to use Hollywood Software’s Enterprise Web theatre management platform to centrally manage operations for its nearly 700 screens.

Enterprise Web gives circuit management a look at operations inside all its theaters from one centralized website, where shows can be monitored for operational issues that could put them at risk, and then evaluated to determine actual performance versus plan. It also allows exhibitors to have just one qualified staff member take over tasks previously assigned to every theater manager on a weekly basis – such as KDM management, title mapping, and trailer pack building – thus creating circuit-wide efficiencies.

"The benefits of a centralized management platform for our theatre management systems will be realized by multiple departments, all while streamlining work, increasing accuracy and avoiding lost shows," said Mark Collins, director of projection technology, Marcus Theatres. "While researching Enterprise Web and talking to our internal teams, including Marketing, Operations, Advertising and Film Booking, it became clear that there is now more than ever a need for a central control and distribution system to facilitate new requirements of our business. Enterprise Web will bring us consistency, greater flexibility and compliance monitoring throughout the circuit."

“The team at Marcus Theatres has been a great partner over the years that they have been using our TCC3 theatre management system in their locations,” said Kim Lockhart, senior vice president of exhibitor systems, Hollywood Software. “We look forward to now expanding that partnership as we work with them to first integrate the efficiencies Enterprise Web offers into their business, and then collaborate to bring additional industry best practices to the product over the long term.”

“With Enterprise Web, our exhibitor clients like Marcus Theatres are finally able to realize all of the operational efficiencies promised by digital cinema,” said Larry McCourt, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Hollywood Software.  “Centrally managing weekly tasks like title mapping, trailer placement, and the complete automation of KDM delivery not only reduces the chance of missed shows, but also will allow previously burdened staff to focus on creating customer experiences that will remind them why they left their home to see movies as the artist intended.”

Hollywood Software http://www.hollywoodsoftware.com

Marcus Theatres http://www.marcuscorp.com