HFF Film Academy in Munich Opens New Facilities

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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Munich-based HFF Academy for Television and Film (Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film) is one of the world’s most highly reputed film academies. Many well-known filmmakers including Bernd Eichinger Roland Emmerich and Academy Award winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck learned their trade there. Now the HFF is about to receive spacious new facilities in central Munich. The governor of Bavaria will personally inaugurate them on September 15.

 The modern new building with 99 000 square feet of floor space features post-production facilities seminar rooms and four auditoriums. Kinoton which was awarded the HFF contract following a Europe-wide tendering process has installed premium digital cinema video and film equipment in all four cinemas. 

Professor Peter C. Slansky the head of HFF's technology department is very happy with the results. We expect our students’ filmmaking efforts to meet very high standards ” he says “and we need top-quality projection capabilities to evaluate them. We are very pleased to have Kinoton as our competent partner for both conventional film and digital projection. This has enabled us to equip our four new cinemas to meet our demanding requirements.

 The new HFF has two cinemas (called 1 and 2) a large Audimax hall and a video auditorium. The two cinemas and the Audimax hall now have projectors manufactured by Kinoton and based on projection technology provided by Barco. Doremi servers and both Blu-ray and XDCam HD players supplemented by Digital Betacam players in cinemas 1 and 2 handle a wide variety of formats. DVI switches and DMS DC2 PRO Digital Media Scalers distribute different kinds of video signals. In addition Kinoton has equipped two of the auditoriums with pairs of reference studio projectors featuring digitally controlled intermittent drives as well as makeup and rewind tables. Kinoton’s service technicians have also integrated two FP 30 D 35-mm projectors and two of HFF’s older 16-mm projectors into the projection booths. In the video cinema Kinoton has installed a high-quality video projector and a special server for storage and playback of nonstandard content supplemented by various content sources including a Blu-ray player and an XDCam HD player. 

The entire projection concept is prepared for networking within the scope of a theatre management system that will make it possible to centrally feed content in from virtually any kind of source and then route it to the HFF’s individual auditoriums for multifunctional use.