Harkness Says Foldable Perlux Digital Screens to be made in US

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Mon, 02/13/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Harkness Screens has announced the launch of Foldable Perlux Digital 220 screens manufactured from its US plant in Virginia.  Foldable Perlux Digital retains all the features of the Perlux Digital line with the added capability of being folded rather than rolled. “With the costs of packaging and transportation continuing to rise we recognized a need to assist our customers in managing budgets and launched our Foldable Perlux Digital 140 and 180 screens last year to provide cinema operators and indeed installers with a more cost-effective digital projection screen solution. Adding Perlux Digital 220 to our foldable range means that we have our highest gain white screen available in a format that will help dramatically lower packing and transportation costs compared to traditional screen distribution.  Aligned to the cost savings these screens which ship inside a box are much more easily manoeuvrable into the auditorium making the installation process potentially less awkward and expensive ” says Andrew Robinson managing director of Harkness Screens. Manufactured in the USA Foldable Perlux Digital screens typically realize packaging cost savings of 66 percent and transportation savings of 20 percent against standard delivery methods.  Foldable Perlux Digital screens can be shipped by standard US carriers on overnight despatch which can significantly reduce delivery times. When installed using Harkness Screens prescribed installation techniques Foldable Perlux Digital screens provide a guaranteed crease-free seamless projection surface and are currently the only foldable gain screens available in the world. Harkness’ Perlux Digital brand (foldable and rolled) gain screens (Perlux Digital 140 Perlux 180 and Perlux 220) include both 2D and 3D (non-polarised light) screen surfaces for any size theatre with foldable screens available up to (23m/75ft x 12m/39ft in size).  Harkness’ Perlux Digital screens are considered by leading cinema exhibitors and special venue operators worldwide to be the premier gain projection surface.  Harkness Screens www.harkness-screens.com