Growing 3D Market Focus of Fourth Annual Summit

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Fri, 07/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The burgeoning international 3D marketplace will be a primary focus of the Fourth Annual 3D Entertainment Summit presented by Unicomm and The Bob Dowling Group in association with Variety which is scheduled for September 20-22 at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood California. At least one in four of the world's screens are now 3D-capable says Charlotte Jones senior analyst film and cinema for HIS Screen Digest. This trend is driven by strong and continued investment in key international markets as well as further geographic expansion of 3D screens to new territories. Digital 3D can now be experienced by consumers in over 100 theatrical markets worldwide.” The run of exceptional growth in international theatrical markets has been instrumental in achieving a current worldwide total in excess of 30 000 3D screens as of June 2011 says Jones. That's more than double the number at the same point last year. 3D is now a global business with traditional and emerging new players on every continent says Jim Chabin president and CEO of the International 3D Society which has seen a dramatic increase in the number of its worldwide chapters over the past year. We'll share some never-before-seen content from 3D Society members overseas which will demonstrate the power of this new art form. From its inception in 2008 the 3D Entertainment Summit has focused on the most current and far-reaching effects of 3D says Dowling the conference co-chair. This year the summit will focus on the explosion of 3D product in the international marketplace. 3D Entertainment Summit ,2630
Barco Delivers World's First Commercial Dual 4K DLP Cinema Projection System,2011-07-30, Partnering with D3D Cinema and Dolby to produce an immersive 3D movie experience Barco has delivered its DLP Cinema Enhanced 4K DP4K-32B projectors for the inaugural installation of a 4K Double Projection System in the DynaTheater at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science in Albuquerque New Mexico. The new system features two DP4K-32B projectors digital surround sound and a new five-story matte white screen. “When you see Barco's new dual 4K projection system new stadium seats new five-story white screen and custom eyewear then hear the incredible surround sound it will be clear that the premium components and experience is unique to New Mexico and the Southwest United States ” says Jotina Trussell president and CEO of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History Foundation.

 “We're really proud to be partnered with Barco on this special giant-screen installation the first of its kind anywhere in the world ” says Don Kempf president and founder of D3D Cinema. “While the popularity of 3D is growing in commercial venues it was important to distinguish the experience that audiences will have at the DynaTheater. With Barco's 4K projectors filling the giant screen canvas coupled with premium Dolby 3D technology we will provide a 3D experience unsurpassed in quality and immersion.” 

 “We are honored that the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science has selected Barco to launch their groundbreaking large-format theater ” says Patrick Lee vice president digital cinema for Barco North America. “We applaud their decision to go with the industry's best 4K projection system which is the only one capable of guaranteeing the level of brightness necessary to present giant-screen 3D movies for venues of this size.” 

 Earlier this year Barco and D3D Cinema partnered in an exclusive demonstration in which Barco's DP4K-32B was matched against a conventional 15/70mm film projector in a side-by-side movie presentation comparison at the inaugural Digital Cinema Symposium in Galveston Texas. Barco's 4K digital version was overwhelmingly preferred – both in terms of image quality and overall presentation – by an audience of more than 120 movie industry veterans. ,2632
Carmike Plans New BigD Theatre in Wilmington North Carolina,2011-07-30,Carmike Cinemas has announced the projected summer 2012 opening of a new BigD entertainment complex to be located at The Villages at Myrtle Grove in Wilmington North Carolina. The new Carmike location will feature ten screens with total seating for 1 800. The Wilmington complex will join a growing list of domestic regional markets offering Carmike theatergoers the new BigD format. Carmike president and CEO David Passman says We look forward to providing the ultimate entertainment experience for our friends in Wilmington North Carolina and surrounding towns with the opening of the new state-of-the-art Carmike 10-plex next summer. All screens will be digital several 3D compatible and our BigD auditorium will showcase our large format digital experience featuring a bigger screen bigger sound and luxurious theater seating for cutting-edge presentation and the definitive enjoyment of our audiences. A population of over 100 000 resides within 15 minutes of The Village at Myrtle Grove making it an ideal location for a brand new theatre. Bringing a theater group of Carmike's high quality to Wilmington's Southside and greater Carolina Beach/Kure Beach area is something we recognized as very important and I applaud both Carmike Cinemas and center owner Ziff Properties for their commitment to make this happen says Bryan Greene Cape Fear Commercial senior vice president and broker representing ZPI on the deal. This will be a major amenity to area residents and seasonal visitors and a major addition to the local economy. Carmike Cinemas ,2634
Cinesite gets some of the Effects Business for World War Z,2011-07-30, The effects house Cinesite has been awarded a significant amount of shots on the upcoming Paramount Pictures film World War Z. Directed by Marc Forster and starring and produced by Brad Pitt the film is based on the post-apocalyptic horror novel by Max Brooks and is due for release in 2012.

 Ten years after the human victory over the worldwide zombie epidemic referred to as World War Z Max Brooks (Pitt) scours the world collecting the stories and experiences of those who have survived the conflict that almost eradicated humanity. Cinesite visual effects supervisor Matt Johnson will lead Cinesite’s work on the film working closely with production visual effects supervisor John Nelson whose credits include The Sorcerer's Apprentice Iron Man I Robot The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Reloaded.

 “We’re very excited to have been awarded such a significant portion of visual effects for this highly anticipated movie ” says Antony Hunt managing director of Cinesite. “With our work on Battle: Los Angeles and Generation Kill we’ve proven our ability to create scenes of epic destruction and realistic character animation. We can’t wait to do it again for World War Z.”

 Additionally Cinesite are on the look out for talented artists to join their expanding team. The list of current job roles can be found at ,2635
Decode Relocates as 3D Business Grows
,2011-07-30, 3D specialist rental/sales house Decode has relocated to larger premises.
 “Decode 2D and 3D rental and sales business grew to a point where the current premises were just not big enough to house the total operation says managing director Samuel Martin. “3D production in particular is ramping up. I saw it coming so have been planning the move and looking for suitable premises for some time now. I decided to relocate the business from our original base in Hammersmith to Wimbledon Studios which have been totally refurbished after The Bill production team moved out.”
 Martin says “Being within the studios complex brings us many advantages including potential business opportunities from high end film and television clients already there high security which is important for us and above all room to expand our business further for years to come. It has been a massive effort to prepare the new premises – building works branding colors network setups servers internet phones security alarms signage and so on but also to plan the move so that business would move smoothly across from the old site to the new on the day – I had my fingers firmly crossed and in the event the planning paid off.” 
  In the new site Decode enjoys 6000 square feet of rental facilities test rooms production offices edit suites meeting rooms a 3D screening room and a 3D Village.
The 3D village has 3D rigs and monitors permanently set up for tests in a number of Decode’s test rooms. There is a 3D viewing / screening room and also edit suites for reviewing 3Dfootage either from jobs or tests for clients’ decisions. Martin says the idea is to provide a one-stop shop 3D solution for customers so they can test anything they wish anytime within the pre-production process and do it in the perfect environment.