Greentopia Film Festival Accepting Submissions

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Mon, 04/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Greentopia | FILM Festival takes place September 12-14 in Rochester New York as part of Greentopia 2012 building in size and scope on last year’s inaugural event. One highlight will be the screening of Detropia winner of the Sundance Documentary Editing Award a film about the iconic arc of one of America’s great industrial cities. Detropia’s gutsy and colorful denizens struggle to make sense of and adapt to a tsunami of changes in a post industrial Motor City while building hope for a profoundly different future – a story relevant to cities like Rochester. Greentopia | FILM’s three days are packed with documentary films that inspire transform and ultimately empower the audience to create sustainable change in their lives and communities. Themes range from sustainability to thought-leadership innovation technology health food agriculture urban landscape and design – covering the full spectrum of sustainability issues. Features will be framed by Q&A’s with directors producers and expert panelists that will elevate the discussion. Screening venues both traditional and nontraditional will be available throughout Monroe County. Tickets for Greentopia | FILM will go on sale in mid-May. Nonfiction feature and shorts submissions for Greentopia | FILM are open now through July 2nd at As an interesting twist to the localvore movement Greentopia | FILM has created a new category called CSFs or Community Supported Films. CSF’s are homegrown products: films and filmmakers with Western New York roots and which will begin to be featured in this inaugural Greentopia l FILM series.