Goodrich Expands Relationship with Cinedigm

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Sat, 10/13/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Goodrich Quality Theatres has expanded its relationship with Cinedigm Digital Cinema and is incorporating a full suite of Cinedigm Software to further integrate and streamline its circuit-wide movie operations. Since converting 274 screens at 30 theaters to digital in 2011 Goodrich has been using Cinedigm's LMS Theatre Command Center as the operational hub within the theatre to manage and coordinate the scheduling and playout of all digital content including features advertisements and movie trailers. Goodrich is now deploying Cinedigm’s Exhibitor Management System and Enterprise at Goodrich's head office in Grand Rapids Michigan. Our initial twelve months with Cinedigm Software convinces me that we have found a flexible and collaborative technology partner that will work with us to implement the software integrations we will use to increase our net income said Bob Goodrich owner of Goodrich Quality Theaters. Our move to digital cinema has provided solid benefits to our customers because of increased flexibility in our on-screen content. Our exhibitor software platform is designed to empower partners like Goodrich who have fully embraced the power of digital cinema and now together we can truly optimize circuit operations said Adam Mizel COO of Cinedigm. Cinedigm is very excited to expand our technology relationship with Bob and their team.