GDC Signs New Order with Jinyi Zhujiang Movie Circuit

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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

GDC Technology has signed a major contract with the Jinyi Zhujiang Movie Circuit. The contract is a repeat order which involves the deployment of a total of 200 GDC SX-2000A Digital Cinema Servers with Integrated Media Block. Full deployment is scheduled for completion by 2013.   Jinyi operates nearly 50 wholly owned theatres namely Jinyi International Cinemas in more than 30 cities including Guangzhou Beijing Shanghai and Shenzhen among others with more than 300 screens. Jinyi owns another 19 franchised theatres with approximately 100 screens bringing its screen total to 400. According to the 2010 Chinese Film Market Review Jinyi Zhujiang Movie Circuit earned box office revenues of nearly RMB700 million in 2010 ranking it sixth among cinema chains nationwide.   “We’ve proudly been installing GDC digital cinema servers since 2005. Throughout six years of cooperation the facilities of our digital theatres have been further enhanced. GDC’s exceptional products and quality services have reassured us that we will be able to deliver a great moviegoing experience to our customers ” says Xu Binbiao general manager of Jinyi Zhujiang Movie Circuit. “We have been very pleased with the overall process of working with GDC and are certain to continue using GDC servers in the future.”   “We’re very grateful for Jinyi’s continued cooperation trust and support ” says Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Technology. “This repeat contract is proof of the value of our relationship. We aim to provide the best quality products and services in the digital cinema market.”   GDC Technology 
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