Fujifilm to Showcase Cine Lenses at Cine Gear

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Thu, 05/21/2015 - 12:20 -- Nick Dager

Fujifilm Premier PL 25-300mm CabrioFujifilm will showcase its range of Cabrio PL cine/ENG-Style lenses, Premier PL 4K+ cine lenses, and the HA18x5.5 HD zoom at the annual Cine Gear Expo LA 2015, to be held from June 4-7 on the Paramount lot in Hollywood.

“We remain extremely optimistic about the continued growth of the Cine-Style market,” said Thom Calabro, director of Marketing and Product Development for the Optical Division of Fujifilm. “Consequently, the Cine Gear show continues to thrive and is attended by some of our most passionate customers. Our Cabrio and Premier PL 4K+ lenses are very busy on a wide range of high-end theatrical releases, TV projects and commercial productions. We received very positive feedback to our new HA18x zoom at NAB, so we want to show it off to anyone who didn’t get a chance to see it in Las Vegas. The HA18x lets operators shoot very wide from a long range, which is something our customers, particularly sports producers, have been requesting. It’s a very solid all-around, standard lens.”

The Premier PL 25-300mm Cabrio will be featured, along with the rest of the Cabrio series within the company’s Cine Gear booth. Equipped with a 35mm PL mount, the PL 25-300mm boasts a high zoom ratio covering the focal length of 25mm to 300mm. The PL 25-300mm supports an optional, detachable servo drive for electric zooming, focusing and iris. Mounting the unit enables remote control of zoom, focus, and iris adjustment.  The Cabrio series includes: the new PL 25-300mm, PL 19-90, PL 85-300, and PL 14-35mm. All the Cabrio lenses feature exclusive detachable servo drive units, the PL 25-300 servo is optional making them suitable for use as a standard PL lens or as an ENG-style lens.  And they can be controlled using cinema industry standard wireless controllers as well as existing FUJINON wired and wireless units.

Designed using the latest proprietary optical simulation software, the entire range of Cabrio lenses offer exceptional optical performance, high contrast, and high dynamic range. The digital servo’s 16-bit encoding assures operators that all lens data output—including the position of the zoom, iris, and focus—is extremely accurate. The zooms support Lens Data System (LDS) and /i Technology metadata formats, and can be controlled using cinema industry standard wireless controllers as well as existing Fujifilm wired and wireless units.