FujiFilm Opens Second Lens Service Center in Brazil

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Sun, 04/08/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

FujiFilm North America Corporation’s Optical Devices Division has announced the opening of a new lens service center in Barra da Tijuca Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  In partnership with FujiFilm Trevisan’s Lens and Camera Service its premiere agent in Brazil opened the new service center in January. 
 While Trevisan’s already operates a lens service center in partnership with FujiFilm North America Corporation in Sao Paulo Brazil the decision to open the second location in Rio de Janeiro was motivated by a desire to better serve its existing customer’s growing demand for Fujinon lenses and an expanding customer base in Brazil.  “Broadcasters and production companies from around the world will converge on Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian venues to provide live coverage of these prestigious international competitions ” says Toshi Tanaka division president FujiFilm North America Corporation Optical Services Division.  “Since broadcast networks and truck companies strive for flawless equipment performance during World Cup and Olympic games it’s imperative that we have a local service center ready to respond to their needs. We’re extremely pleased to partner with Trevisan’s to provide local sales and service dedicated to our rapidly expanding customer base in and around Rio de Janeiro.”
 For Trevisan’s this new regional service center presents a chance to expand support for its existing customer base. “We’re always looking to strengthen our interaction and availability to our clientele ” says Estefano Trevisan president Trevisan’s Lens and Camera Service. “Teaming up with a company so well known for its outstanding service and customer loyalty in a city with such a vibrant video production industry is a wonderful opportunity. We’re looking forward to extending our reach even further into the production community in Rio.”