Florida’s Epic Theatres Install GDC-Powered DTS:X Sound

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Tue, 10/13/2015 - 15:05 -- Nick Dager

GDC Technology will install DTS:X sound in four premium large format screens at three new Epic Theatres locations in the first quarter of 2016. GDC’s Immersive Sound Media Server, the SX-2000X, powers the new system. It is the only digital cinema server currently available in the market capable of rendering DTS:X in real-time.

The agreement with Epic comprises theatres located in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Titusville, and marks one of the first wide-ranging DTS:X screen rollouts in the United States.

“We have adopted GDC’s SX-2000X in our new premium auditoriums so our audiences can enjoy DTS:X, which provides the most vivid and life-like cinema sound I’ve ever heard,” said Clint DeMarsh, vice president of Epic Theatres. “The server’s built-in ability to render DTS:X in real-time is very impressive. By eliminating the need for an external immersive sound processor, the cost of converting a theatre screen is now manageable. We have collaborated with GDC Technology for over eight years, and we’re confident that its new sound solutions will be as reliable as their other digital cinema products.”

“We are honored that Epic Theatres has chosen our immersive sound solution. The company is one of our most forward-thinking customers, and one of the early adopters of GDC’s SX-2000X – a wise choice,” said Dr. Man-Nang Chong, GDC Technology’s founder, chairman, and CEO. “DTS:X, powered by GDC’s SX-2000X, offers superior sound and is very flexible and easily integrated, something that theatre owners will appreciate as they upgrade or build their theatres. But audiences win too – DTS:X’s flexible speaker layout and SX-2000X’s additional processing power now make immersive cinema sound available to a larger number of theatres than ever before, large and small alike, and make it more widely affordable. We’re confident that it will be a great success for Epic.”

Epic Theatres www.epictheatres.com

GDC Technology Limited www.gdc-tech.com