First Arabic 3D Music Video Playing in the Middle East

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Wed, 07/27/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

As a result of a joint venture between the Rotana Audio Visual Group and Sony Gulf Arabic audiences are currently enjoying their first 3D experience a music video clip on Najwa Karam in her song Ma Fi Nom. The 3D music clip marks the beginning of the era of 3D production in the region. The feat was pulled off with the assistance of three professional teams from the US and the UK. Additionally the Lebanese W&P Production group undertook extensive research on 3D techniques to familiarize the Middle East crew with the technology including the sophisticated equipment and digital cameras that were used for the shoot.

 Popular Lebanese singer Najwa Karam was chosen to feature in the clip for her distinct Arabic flavour with a contemporary twist that fits well with modern 3D technology. Her unique signature style is reflected throughout the video and enhanced with 3D technology. Filmed by director Walid Nassif the song Ma Fi Nom and particularly its drum beat present a novel music style which accompanied by her sonorous voice provide the most compatible rendering to translate into a 3D platform. The three-day shoot took place in Northern Lebanon at Nahr Ibrahim in the Kesserwan area of Basateen Al Ossi Jeita Grotto and the studio in Mansourieh and had one of the biggest production budgets in the Middle East.