Film and Television Distribution and the Internet

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Mon, 12/08/2008 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

There is no area of business that is more dramatically affected by the explosion of web-based services delivered to computers PDAs and mobile phones than the film and television industries. The web is creating radical new ways of marketing and delivering television and film content; one that draws in not simply traditional broadcasters and producers but a whole new range of organizations such as news organizations web companies and mobile phone service providers. A new report focuses on the practical application of UK and EU law as it applies to the distribution of television and film through the Internet. This includes terms of contract and copyright as they affect studios broadcasters sales agents distributors Internet service providers film financiers and online film retailers; as well as areas such as the licensing of rights. It also covers the commercial aspects of delivering film and television services to a customer base including engaging with new content platforms strategic agreements with content aggregators protecting and exploiting intellectual property rights data and consumer protection and payment online marketing and advertising.    The opportunities for companies operating in this area are extraordinary (as are the legal implications) and Andrew Sparrow’s guide provides a starting point for navigating through what is a complex area of regulation contract copyright and consumer law.    For a complete copy of this report click on: