Everyman Cinemas Signs VPF Agreement with Sony

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Wed, 06/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Everyman Cinemas has signed a Virtual Print Fee agreement with Sony Digital Cinema making it the first independent cinema chain to sign a deal of its kind in Europe.
  Everyman Cinemas is one of the UK’s oldest independent cinema circuits having opened its first theatre in Hampstead in London in 1933. Its venues offer a unique experience to customers. From its excellent service to its premium snacks and stylish lounge areas customers are able to enjoy a truly unique and memorable cinema experience. Everyman also offers a wide range of alternative content across its eight UK multiplexes including opera sport theatre and comedy and as a result of the new VPF agreement it can now ensure all showings are viewed in the highest Sony 4K Digital Cinema technology.
  David McIntosh director Sony Europe says “This partnership is particularly exciting for Sony Digital Cinema as Everyman Cinemas is the first independent cinema chain we have partnered with in Europe. It further emphasises our passion for the longevity and quality of the cinema industry and we’re very much looking forward to working with Everyman on the range of interesting and entertaining content it brings to its audiences. This agreement enables Everyman to capitalize on the enormous opportunities that digital cinema offers to strengthen and sustain their business as well as to revolutionize the movie-going experience.”
  Andrew Myers CEO of Everyman Cinemas says of the deal “We are delighted to have signed such a significant landmark agreement with Sony Digital Cinema. At Everyman we believe in creating a truly unique and memorable cinema experience that exceeds expectations and reaches the highest standards possible in entertainment and the new partnership between our two brands means we can now deliver the very best big screen experience to our guests. The transition also heralds a new era for boutique cinemas and its consumers as we can now offer an ever greater choice not only of films but also allows us to expand our existing range of alternative content covering sports music opera ballet theatre comedy and other major special events.”