Edit1 First in New York with Xsens Inertial Motion Capture

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Mon, 04/29/2013 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Pre-visualization boutique Edit1 led by company president Michael Zimbard has become the first studio in New York to offer inertial motion capture. “Like most pre-vis studios we’ve been working with mocap for years ” Zimbard said. “We pride ourselves on not following trends but rather setting them and when we learned about inertial motion capture and the impact it could have on our client’s work we knew we wanted to make the investment and be the first company in the New York market to offer it.” Manufactured by Netherlands-based Xsens and already used extensively in Hollywood (Ted X-Men First Class Paul John Carter among others) inertial mocap offers an array of advantages over traditional mocap. One of the biggest advantages is that it doesn’t tie you to a mocap studio but allows you the flexibility to capture performances literally anywhere – in the newly redesigned Edit 1 studio on their beautiful outdoor patio or even onsite in an agency creative director’s office. The motion capture data is transmitted directly from the sensors on the Lycra suit into a laptop computer with no cameras allowing for a more accurate performance capture in significantly less time. “Not having to be tied to a green screen stage opens up so many creative possibilities that it almost seemed too good to be true ” Mike Donovan Edit1’s executive producer said. “This technology is changing the way we do things and offering clients more options and faster turnaround on their projects than ever imagined.”  Since its incorporation into the Edit1 pipeline the system has become an integral part of every project including a recent series of spots for agency J. Walter Thompson New York and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. “The goal behind all of our recent development is to both leverage technology to make the process better for our clients and give our team more time to focus on the creative aspects of a job and less time negotiating technical hurdles ” Zimbard said. “We pride ourselves as leaders in the evolution of the previs industry and InMoCa is a game-changer.”