Doremi Supports 69th Venice International Film Festival

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Fri, 08/31/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The 69th Venice International Film Festival organized by La Biennale di Venezia is being held at Venice Lido where up to seven screens will show more than one hundred forty DCP feature films to the Festival visitors for a total of more than four hundred projections. The Venice Film Festival is the world’s oldest event of its kind and Doremi is delighted to be associated with the 2012 Festival that runs from August 29 to September 8.

 Doremi has worked with major international festivals including Cannes for many years. At the Venic festival Doremi is deploying together with Cinemeccanica its flagship product Integrated Media Block and ShowVault digital cinema servers.
The IMB and ShowVault digital cinema server system includes all the hardware and software features needed for a DCP platform and includes many advanced features such as a double 3G SDI input one HDMI input with HDCP and HDMI 3D connections support for 4K and 48/60fps high frame rate (HFR) screenings. The video input can be powered via PCI Express HDMI and SDI and the use of just one RJ45 audio output helps to simplify the cabling. The IMB supports the de-interlacing of 1080i inputs and plays all formats in native XYZ.

A world pioneer in movie presentation equipment Cinemeccanica is the festival's official technical partner. The Italian company founded in 1920 now offers technical consulting skilled staff and a range of digital projectors for DCI film for all Festival venues.