Doremi Signs Exclusive Deal with Odeon UK

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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Doremi Cinema has reached agreement with Odeon UK the country’s largest cinema chain for the exclusive supply of digital cinema servers and integrated media blocks. This involves the full implementation of Doremi’s products as an integral part of the Odeon UK’s Digital Cinema Program. This agreement is a continuation of business between the two companies as Odeon UK has already widely adopted Doremi Cinema servers. This latest phase will take the chain’s total to over 900 digital screens. “Doremi has an established track record of compliance with DCI standards. These have recently expanded to include the new Compliance Test Plan showing continued commitment to meeting industry standards ” says Gerald Buckle digital development manager Odeon UK. “Beyond the servers its technologies allow our chain access to the full spectrum of opportunities that become available with digital cinema.” Hervé Baujard Doremi Cinema business development and sales director “We are delighted that Odeon UK is continuing its business with us and that they have identified DCI compliance as a requirement for digital cinema servers. This is a great reward for our efforts in passing the CTP and recognition of its importance for this forward-looking and innovative chain.”