Doremi Passes 30 000 Mark in Servers Shipped

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Thu, 09/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Doremi Cinema has announced the shipment of more than 10 000 servers and Integrated Media Blocks worldwide in just the first eight months of 2011. The August surge in global shipments catapulted total shipments to more than 30 000 servers to date.   The exponential growth in Doremi server installations confirms Doremi’s standing as the market leader in the Digital Cinema arena. “Having passed the CTP Doremi is the only DCI compliant server and IMB in the market for use with DLP based projectors ” says Michael Archer vice president digital cinema. “This coupled with no required hardware changes to play high frame rates on our IMB are two major determinates that lead exhibitors to Doremi.” As a visionary entity Doremi has been a leading contributor of advanced technology since its establishment in 1985. A diverse product line encompassing all aspects of Digital Cinema has been introduced over the past several years. With increased requests for accessibility options in theatres Doremi Cinema has developed several products. The CaptiView a personal in-theatre closed captioning system operating on a wireless band frequency has gained much recognition due to its simplistic operative nature. CaptiView has already been installed in more than 3 000 screens to date.  The Fidelio a wireless audio system for the visually impaired and hard-of-hearing was also recently introduced.   The Theater Management System was launched in early 2008 dedicated to the monitoring scheduling and construction of show playlists. The StreamIt was commercialized as a server companion enabling live streaming of 2D and 3D alternative programming via satellite to multiple screens.