Doremi Integrates Barco’s Auro-3D Audio Codec into its IMB

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Tue, 12/13/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Barco has teamed up with Doremi to bring the first DCI-compliant 3D sound system to the cinema market. Doremi will integrate the Auro-3D audio codec in their Integrated Media Block to create the first DCI-compliant multi-channel audio format for cinema exhibitors. In addition the Auro-3D codec allows for single inventory distribution compatible with current and future standards. “At Doremi we always strive to provide the latest technology to the industry ” says Michael Archer vice president of digital cinema at Doremi. “We are proud to help bring the revolutionary Auro-3D sound system to the digital cinema market. The fact that we were the first to pass the CTP and become DCI-compliant with our IMB solidifies our commitment to the exhibition community. Given Doremi's long-term relationship with Barco it was natural for us to be the first to implement this technology.”  “Thanks to our partnership with Doremi we've enabled content providers to maintain a single inventory distribution format and distribute multi-channel 3D audio files to theaters in a way that satisfies all the security and watermarking requirements mandated by the DCI specification ” says Brian Claypool senior director strategic business development at Barco. “In this way we can offer cinema exhibitors next-generation DCI-compliant sound technology that is extremely simple to use and integrate it with our DCI-compliant digital cinema projection systems.”