Doremi IMS 1000 Gets DCI Compliance

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Tue, 01/15/2013 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Doremi has announced that its Integrated Media Server the IMS1000 has passed the Compliance Test Plan and achieved the DCI standard of excellence. The server is the first commercially available single board Integrated Media Server on the market with key features that include a combined SMS digital storage and a secure DCI image media block in a compact form that enables it to fit inside DLP projectors. “Passing the CTP with our IMS1000 is indicative of the hard work exerted by our team at Doremi. We knew the design of the IMS1000 would be required to meet the new DCI guidelines related to storage ” said Michael Archer vice president of digital cinema Doremi.  “Systems using off the shelf storage or central storage just won’t meet DCI and studio expectations.” “The introduction of the IMS1000 helps Barco deliver the required integrated solution for the market with our new 10s projector line said Wim Buyens senior vice president entertainment division.  The tested reliability and ease of use has made this the right solution for today’s exhibitors.” “The NC900 is being delivered with the state of art IMS platform ” said Atsuki Kuroda general manager projector development division.  “The cooperative development and testing between NEC and Doremi will ensure this product meets the rigorous environment inside of the projector.” “Demonstration of adherence to industry-wide specifications is a critical milestone for an enhanced movie going experience ” said Travis Spann president and laboratory director Aegisolve. “As a NIST accredited and DCI licensed testing laboratory we report that DCI CTP review and testing of the Doremi IMS1000 is complete and the results indicate compliance with all applicable requirements.”