Documenting the French Coastline

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Thu, 09/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Early in 2012 the European public-service channel Arte will broadcast a 90-minute documentary entitled Le relief d’une côte. With more than 3000 kilometers of coastline France indeed offers a very varied and beautiful panorama. To film in S3D Gédéon Programmes employed the technical team of Binocle 3D. Capturing S3D footage in flight created many technical challenges the first of which was to obtain stable images while dealing with high turbulence including disturbances created by the helicopter blades themselves. Then there were the very strict requirements of air traffic control which required quite a bit of juggling by the pilot in order to ensure a complete overview of the coast. For the project an Ecureuil B130 helicopter provided by HRT was equipped with a rig furnished by Jet Propulsion which included a Super Gyron stabilized gyro head provided by ACS. The stereographers for Binocle Jean-Marie Boulet and Thomas Brésard chose a configuration ideal for filming landscapes with two types of gear sizes up to 110 centimeters and a fixed-width convergence. The Binocle team also provided specifications for the recording setup using four Sony P1 cameras (featuring Sony’s 2/3 inch sensors) which were then equipped with synchronized Angénieux 19X zooms and provided four synchronous streams of 4:2:2 video all recorded to two Sony SRW-1 HD decks. All photography was completed between August 18 and September 2 and covered such a long distance resulting in the setup completing more than 45 sorties with either three to four flights per day varying between an altitude of 100 and 3000 feet. One technical aspect of the filming which was already difficult was dealing on a daily basis with the legal aspects of the shoot as well as the technical intricacies says Boulet. The Navy also required that the nature of the images be verified and cleared especially near some of the strategic sites such as Toulon or Brest.” Moreover given the extra weight of the equipment and the possibility of damage due to the heavy the winds the helicopter was limited to only flying to 60 percent of its capabilities. Throughout the voyage punctuated by 36 refueling stops the ground crew followed its progress by car processing and providing S3D quality control for over 75 hours of rushes. For S3D quality control the team used a 46-inch LG S3D screen in conjunction with Binocle’s own Disparity Tagger software which provides not only automatic correction of pan tilt and rotation errors but also lens zoom errors which can be much more difficult to detect and correct in addition to providing visual feedback of the scene in order to ensure proper setup of convergence and inter-axial requirements. The film is currently being editing and already looks to be a very successful project says Laurent Baujard of Gédéon Programmes. Production Team Production: Gédéon Programmes Directors: Charles-Antoine de Rouvre and Jérôme Scémia Camera operator: Mike Durby Stereographer : Jean-Marie Boulet Technical stereographer: Thomas Brésard S3D rushes: Guillaume Béchard Helicopter equipment: Jean Chesnau Pilots: Félix Claro Jean-Christophe Beauvillier and Jean-Pierre Pelletier Photos: Guillaume Béchard – Mike Durby ,2753
Christie Introduces 2K-4K Upgrade Kit,2011-09-30,Christie has introduced a 4K-resolution upgrade kit. Available immediately for the Christie CP2230 the upgrade kit converts a Christie projector from 2K to 4K. The company says the kit is quick and easy to install and with it exhibitors are prepared to screen any 4K content – the industry’s highest current resolution – with their current projectors.   “A large number of exhibitors worldwide have converted their film systems to the CP2230 making it one of the best-selling DLP Cinema products in history. They did so because they trusted Christie to protect their investments knowing that they were guaranteed an easy upgrade path to 4K resolution when they were ready ” says Craig Sholder vice president entertainment solutions. “Christie continues to fulfill the value promise we make every time we sell a projector through innovations like this 4K upgrade kit which enables exhibitors to display any 4K content in the highest resolution available today.”   Available to all current and prospective Christie partners and dealers the upgrade can be performed by Christie technicians and Christie-qualified digital cinema dealers.   “The digital cinema landscape is highly competitive with an increasingly sophisticated audience that has grown accustomed to and demands the stunning quality reproduction that the technology delivers particularly on the largest screens ” says Sholder. “By upgrading their Christie CP2230 exhibitors can satisfy even the most demanding moviegoers by assuring them that they will experience the highest-resolution screens in the industry today.”   The 4K Upgrade Program features a credit to qualifying customers upon prompt return of each working Christie 2K projector light engine. Customers should contact their Christie representative for additional information or visit   Christie Digital Systems   ,2755
Christie Shows High Frame Rate 3D on Single Projector at IBC,2011-09-30,At IBC Big Screen theatre screenings in Amsterdam last month Christie demonstrated a 3D high frame rate digital cinema system using a single projector – the Christie Solaria Series CP2230 projector – in combination with other currently-available components. The company says it was an industry first. “The RealD XL Cinema System and International Datacasting’s SuperFlex Pro Cinema Event Player are available today along with Christie’s DLP projectors providing cinema owners and content owners with the foundation they need to realize new revenue streams from the projection of 'alternative content' sporting and theatrical events in 3D HFR ” says Dr. Don Shaw director Product Management Christie Entertainment Solutions. Content showing the world-famous Cavalia equestrian production company in action was projected in 3D at 60 frames per second during Shaw’s Exhibitor Considerations for High Frame Rate 3D Technology seminar. “This demonstration sets the scene for single-projector 3D HFR cinema content delivery following on James Cameron’s ground-breaking proof of concept of HFR cinema content at CinemaCon 2011 which Christie assisted with ” says Shaw. “Exhibitors are looking for complete systems that can be readily installed in cinema projection rooms to facilitate the rollout of these and other 3D HFR cinema productions but to do so technology manufacturers need to step up with cost-effective solutions that seamlessly integrate projectors servers and 3D cinema equipment ” Shaw says. “The next step in the 3D HFR solution is for vendors to develop and market new more powerful and more versatile Integrated Media Block server technology to provide the performance and security that exhibitors demand.” ,2756
Cinedigm Signs VPF Deal with Pacific Theatres,2011-09-30,Cinedigm Digital Cinema has signed a long-term virtual print fee deployment agreement with Pacific Theatres. Pacific will be providing its own financing. The rollout comprises up to 160 screens; the majority of installations should be completed by early 2012. Founded more than 60 years ago Pacific Theatres has developed and operated drive-in theaters walk-in theaters and state-of-the-art multi- and megaplex theaters in the Los Angeles area.  Known for their iconic Cinerama Dome theatre as well as ArcLight Cinemas and other quality theatres Pacific has long been a leader in the motion picture exhibition industry. “We are confident that we have made the best choice for Pacific Theatres to move forward with Cinedigm for our digital cinema deployment program ” says Gretchen McCourt executive vice president Pacific Theatres.  “We are looking forward to taking full advantage of Cinedigm’s cutting edge software and technology to help us deliver a great sight and sound experience to our guests.” “It has been a pleasure working with the Pacific team throughout the deal process says Gary Loffredo Cinedigm's general counsel and corporate senior vice president business affairs.  Cinedigm takes great pride in working with our exhibitor partners to develop a digital cinema deal program that meets their requirements.  We look forward to working with Pacific to utilize the full menu of Cinedigm digital applications including our software.” Pacific Theatres is one of the most respected companies in the exhibition industry ” says Chuck Goldwater president media services group.  “Their reputation for outstanding performance both technically and operationally as well as their decades of commitment to the communities in which they operate exemplifies the best the exhibition industry has to offer.  We are exceedingly proud now to be able to call them our newest exhibitor partner and we look forward to supporting their digital cinema program with all the quality and care that is the hallmark of their business for many years to come.” Cinedigm