Digital Domain Settles 3D Lawsuit with Prime Focus Signs Reliance

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Tue, 07/31/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Digital Domain Media Group and Prime Focus World have signed an agreement whereby Digital Domain Media Group will license its 3D conversion technology to Prime Focus World. The agreement settles and terminates the patent infringement litigation action filed by DDMG against Prime Focus World in 2011. Under the agreement DDMG and Prime Focus World will collaborate on visual effects and 2D-to-3D conversion services work for feature films. In related news Reliance MediaWorks an Indian film and entertainment services company and a member of the Reliance Group has joined the Digital Domain Media Group’s 3D technology licensing program. “Ultimately this was a lawsuit between two companies that enjoy working together so we’re happy to put it behind us and resume our prior relationship with Prime Focus – one of performing high-quality VFX work collaboratively ” said John Textor CEO and chairman of DDMG. “We understand that Prime Focus has its own significant 3D technology and we are pleased to report as this license suggests that they respect ours as we respect theirs.” “Prime Focus is dedicated to delivering the highest level of conversion to its clients. The technology that we’ve licensed from Digital Domain Media Group enhances our own robust proprietary processes and increases our efficiency for our customers. We look forward to continuing our work with DDMG on their most important VFX projects ” said Namit Malhotra CEO and chairman of Prime Focus World.” Reliance MediaWorks also Digital Domain’s preferred visual effects production partner in London and Mumbai joins Prime Focus World and Samsung Electronics who have also licensed Digital Domain’s 3D technology for 2D-3D conversion services and consumer electronics respectively. The Digital Domain Stereo Group owns the six U.S. patents that represent the original commercially feasible computerized process for converting two-dimensional filmed imagery into three-dimensional stereoscopic imagery. The patents provide fundamental coverage of any modern 2D to 3D conversion process. The patents principally involve rotoscoping (i.e. computerized semi-automatic and semi-automatic conversion with roto) and relate to any conversion process that includes horizontal image displacement/transform. Beginning with its license to Samsung Electronics in late 2011 DDMG made its patent portfolio available to select companies in the broader industry through a studio-friendly licensing program. “We have made clear our view that while down-line technologies are certainly important the current 3D feature film businesses is principally dependent on image capture and image creation either the proprietary technology of native 3D camera pioneers such as the Cameron Pace Group or the 3D stereoscopic conversion pioneers of In-Three/Digital Domain ” said John Textor chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Media Group. “We continue to be pleased with our new licensing efforts as important global companies such as Samsung and Reliance recognize the value of our invention. We look forward to an increasing financial participation in the growing 3D industry that we helped to create.”