Digital Cinema Society Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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Mon, 04/01/2013 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Digital Cinema Society is celebrating its 10-year anniversary as the industry’s leading nonprofit educational cooperative dedicated to informing the entertainment industry regarding the integration of new technology. DCS president James Mathers said “It’s been an evolutionary decade for the way motion pictures are captured posted and exhibited most notably via a transition from celluloid toward the use of digital technology. We have never celebrated or sought to accelerate this process but we have made it our business to try to objectively track these changes and help our members adapt to them.” Mathers and his team covered last week’s NAB 2013 with a comprehensive digital show tour that can be viewed on

The Digital Cinema Society was formed in 2003 as an outgrowth of a documentary entitled Digital Cinema Solutions that featured interviews with industry luminaries such as James Cameron George Lucas Stephen Soderbergh Robert Rodriguez and Allen Daviau. Mathers said “It was a labor of love and I’m very proud of the documentary but with the technology evolving so quickly the piece was almost obsolete before we could finish it. That is why we decided to make it an on-going effort based on a website that could be more easily updated.” The Digital Cinema Society now has an international membership nearing 6 000 and holds regularly scheduled educational events which are recorded for later streaming from their website. A monthly enewsletter also features technology news and helps members keep up with the latest developments in the field of digital cinema.  

 Photo: James Mathers president Digital Cinema Society and Simon Sommerfeld president Northern California Chapter DCS