Digital Anarchy Upgrades Beauty Box

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Wed, 05/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Digital Anarchy has announced Beauty Box 2.0 a significant update of their award-winning skin retouching product. Version 2.0 increases the speed by using OpenCL a new technology that runs on ATI and Nvidia cards. The new product also introduces a new smoothing algorithm that improves automatic masking and adds shine removal for hot spots on skin areas. Host app support now includes Final Cut Pro X and support for OpenFX applications is in development. Beauty Box is almost magical ” says Bill Evans producer for Radiant Records. “We didn't have time to properly light our scene and the artists didn't look like themselves. Options were slim and costly. With Beauty Box we were able to solve the problem the same afternoon we downloaded it. The facial tracking really works the skin-tone algorithms are pretty natural and the interface is simple. I'm still amazed. The pictured project is from a Steve Morse & Sarah Spencer promotional video. “Our biggest request has been for increased speed and this 2.0 release delivers on that “ says Jim Tierney president of Digital Anarchy. “Beauty Box is now about 300 percent faster on most video cards. The best part is that it’s as great as ever at producing subtle skin smoothing that looks beautifully realistic.” Beauty Box Video 2.0 is $199. Upgrades are $89. Digital Anarchy