Deluxe Delivers More Than 100 Million Trailers to Blu-ray Consumers

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Thu, 01/12/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Deluxe Digital Studios has delivered more than 100 million movie trailers directly to Blu-ray consumers with nearly 6.5 million trailers delivered directly to consumers' connected Blu-ray players in a single month. The number of connected Blu-ray players increased dramatically over the last year says Jin Kim senior vice president of new media and creative at Deluxe Digital Studios. Trailer Pre-Roll usage has climbed well beyond our initial expectations and we expect our deliveries to exceed 10 million per month during 2012 which is exciting as it offers our partners an incredible source of incremental media value. Deluxe's Trailer Pre-Roll technology enables trailers to change depending on what movie the consumer decides to watch. Trailers are streamed to Internet-connected Blu-ray players each time a disc is inserted. Studios now have the option to promote and stream fresh trailers of new films rather than presenting old and dated trailers over and over again says Kim. Data shows more than half of consumers watch entire trailers instead of skipping ahead to the movie menu. Trailer Pre-Roll allows studios to reach a substantial number of households and target specific audiences based on the movies they watch says Kim. Deluxe Digital Studios