Deluxe Cinegy Announce Strategic Collaboration for MediaCloud

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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Deluxe and Cinegy have announced a strategic collaboration to support the forthcoming launch of MediaCloud a new services business from Deluxe. MediaCloud will build cloud-based broadcast platforms founded on managed service models. Based on a cloud computing architecture MediaCloud will provide and manage a new generation of media services which will deliver transformational benefits to media companies. In collaboration with Cinegy MediaCloud as a service-based approach for broadcasters will optimize Cinegy’s innovative technology as a highly scalable cloud-based content management platform using existing IT technology and leading edge software transcoding tools from Cinegy.
 “Cinegy is a committed software developer of collaborative robust scalable digital media and broadcast workflow tools. The strategic fit of Deluxe’s world-leading media services provision with proven expertise in the digital media supply chain means that Cinegy can leverage this global footprint with our established technology ” says Daniella Weigner managing director of Cinegy. A Deluxe Spokesperson says “The business will leverage a best of breed partner ecosystem of which Cinegy is one that will deliver robust technologies and infrastructure to maximize the value and potential of our platform.   Services will be delivered through a Platform as a Service model which will assist our customers in deploying their digital strategies and at a dramatically lower cost of ownership.” According to Deluxe MediaCloud represents a different more efficient approach. In addition to driving improved workflow efficiencies and time to market MediaCloud will deliver improved controls resilience and business tools to enable greater revenues to be exploited from media assets the company says. Cinegy Deluxe Entertainment Services Group