Decode Relocates as 3D Business Grows

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Fri, 07/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

3D specialist rental/sales house Decode has relocated to larger premises.
 “Decode 2D and 3D rental and sales business grew to a point where the current premises were just not big enough to house the total operation says managing director Samuel Martin. “3D production in particular is ramping up. I saw it coming so have been planning the move and looking for suitable premises for some time now. I decided to relocate the business from our original base in Hammersmith to Wimbledon Studios which have been totally refurbished after The Bill production team moved out.”
 Martin says “Being within the studios complex brings us many advantages including potential business opportunities from high end film and television clients already there high security which is important for us and above all room to expand our business further for years to come. It has been a massive effort to prepare the new premises – building works branding colors network setups servers internet phones security alarms signage and so on but also to plan the move so that business would move smoothly across from the old site to the new on the day – I had my fingers firmly crossed and in the event the planning paid off.” 
  In the new site Decode enjoys 6000 square feet of rental facilities test rooms production offices edit suites meeting rooms a 3D screening room and a 3D Village.
The 3D village has 3D rigs and monitors permanently set up for tests in a number of Decode’s test rooms. There is a 3D viewing / screening room and also edit suites for reviewing 3Dfootage either from jobs or tests for clients’ decisions. Martin says the idea is to provide a one-stop shop 3D solution for customers so they can test anything they wish anytime within the pre-production process and do it in the perfect environment. 
 Decode   ,2638
Elements Introduces Small Table Top Dolly

,2011-07-30,The Elements Table Top Dolly is small enough to fit in a camera bag but robust enough to support any camera weighing up to 15 pounds. Each of the three included wheels can individually rotate a full 360 degrees. In addition each individual wheel has 7 preset adjustment slots in 30-degree increments. The Elements Double Cheeseplate base provides multiple mounting options for a small fluid head a quick release plate or the camera itself. Multiple ¼-20-inch and 3/8-inch threaded holes allow flexible connectivity with accessories. Complete adaptability is the key with the new Elements table Top Dolly from ikan. Any separate Elements component can also be added for additional connectivity. Table top dolly includes 3 x Wheel Assembly 1 x Double Cheese Plate - 1 x D-Ring Screw 6 x 4mm Socket Head Screw 10mm and 1 x Hex Key for $349.     ,2642
IBC Names Speakers for 2011 Conference,2011-07-30,The International Broadcasting Conference has announced the speakers for IBC2011 which convenes in Amsterdam in September. 
Luke Johnson founder and chairman of Risk Capital Partners William Roedy former chairman and chief executive of MTV Networks International and John Smith CEO of BBC Worldwide  will be debating the challenges and opportunities of current and future broadcast business in The Future of Broadcasting.   They will address issues such as how broadcasters respond to the dilution of ad revenues and the threat posed by new mobile and internet delivery platforms; whether broadcasters are pressured to respond in kind as rival operators begin to invest in original content; what forms of partnership with a mobile or internet operator might benefit both parties and can connected devices provide an opportunity to refresh the business by allowing broadcast brands to reach audiences lost to online?   Andrew Barron CEO at Virgin Media Ferdinand Kayser CEO of SES Astra and Mike Fries CEO of Liberty Global will be bringing a high level view of the future for Cable & Satellite: Future Directions in a Hybrid World. Among the issues to be addressed is the challenge that telco IP delivery is offering in the space traditionally occupied by Cable & Satellite operators. The session will also question whether bandwidth economic distribution HD+ standards and security will continue their advantage or will a hybrid collaborative Connected Home be essential to deliver future audiences and revenues. Joanna Shields vice president and managing director EMEA of Facebook will take the spotlight at the single most significant session of the IBC2011 Conference Program with the Social Media Keynote. A rising star in the industry recently named as Wired magazine’s number one UK Digital Power Broker Shields’ address will focus on the relationship and revolution social media has developed with broadcasting and a look to the future implications of the pairing. Michael Comishn co-founder and CEO of Blinkbox Neil Gaydon CEO at Pace Rômulo Pontual executive vice president and chief technology officer of DirecTV  and Hiroshi Yoshioka executive deputy president and corporate executive officer of Sony Corporation will be leading the debate on Connected TV: Remaking the TV Industry. What are their tactics? What kind of partnerships might be created as audiences demand more flexibility in how they access view and interact with content? What role will pay and free propositions play? Will they have excellence in service aggregation and navigation/discovery of content be technically innovative and have breadth of distribution or access to premium content rights? Or is it simply a matter of marketing dollars and brand power that will ultimately win out? Bernard Pauchon chairman of  Broadcast Networks Europe Richard Feasey public policy director of Vodafone and Gina Nieri director of Mediaset will contribute their thoughts on the merits of a spectrum compromise in Radio Spectrum Policy: Can Broadcast and Telecom Worlds Cooperate for the Benefit of the Citizens? Spectrum is a scarce resource in most of the developed world and particularly so in Europe. Increasing demands by large telecoms operators for additional spectrum for wireless services is putting pressure on conventional over the air broadcasters to make compromises on the spectrum they badly need for HDTV and other important services. The European Union's Digital Agenda is further heating up this debate. Mainardo de Nardis CEO of OMD Worldwide; Toby Syfret chief analyst at Enders Analysis;  Nick Thexton senior vice president research & development new initiatives at NDS Sir Martin Sorrell chief executive of WPP Group and broadcaster Steve Hewlett will head the session concerning The Challenges for Advertiser Funded Broadcasting. Traditional TV advertising models are in crisis as media fragments across multiple platforms taking an audience increasingly at home with nonlinear viewing with them. The debate will centre on whether the recession has permanently dented revenues or does the connected TV present a chance to reformulate the relationship with the consumer. As consumers take more control over content at a time of economic uncertainty will product placement targeted ads or multi-screen advertising deliver life-saving revenues to commercial broadcasters or is it inevitable that free TV will need to be replaced by some form of payment model? IBC2011 Conference ,2643
Kinoton Projectors Certified as DCI Compliant,2011-07-30,The entire line of DCP Series II projectors manufactured by Kinoton has completed the strict testing procedure for certification as compliant with the safety and technology standards of Digital Cinema Initiatives. The DCP 30 LX II DCP 30 MX II and DCP SX II projectors which are based on projection technology provided by Barco passed all of the tests for compliance with the DCI specifications. The U.S.-based company of CineCert performed the tests. The DCI certificate documents the transparency of digital cinema products and their overall compliance with safety technology and equipment standards. It covers quality technological logistical and legal aspects of Digital Cinema. The DCI specifications define standards for various parameters of digital projection systems including light levels image luminance homogeneity white point chromaticity color space color saturation and the corresponding tolerances. Barco Kinoton ,2644
Legend Films Upgrades 3D Pipeline with IRIDAS Systems,2011-07-30, Legend Films has made a significant investment in its stereo conversion pipeline with a major deployment of IRIDAS SpeedGrade NX FrameCycler DDS and FrameCycler PRO systems. With this announcement Legend has upgraded its stereo conversion pipeline to include 8 SpeedGrade NX suites 8 FrameCycler DDS review systems and has deployed over 500 seats of FrameCycler PRO to ensure every employee company-wide has access to stereoscopic review on their desktops.

 Legend Films is credited with the highly acclaimed stereo 3D experience on films such as Pirates of the Caribbean The Green Hornet and Alice In Wonderland and is currently working on several stereo conversion projects including a new major motion 3D film scheduled for release later this summer.

“ Legend Films has become synonymous with visually stunning immersive stereo 3D. They are a company who prides themselves in their ability to leverage technology innovation to deliver high quality lightning fast results for their clients ” says Lin Kayser CEO of IRIDAS. “With a combination of multiple SpeedGrade NX suites FrameCycler DDS and FrameCycler PRO systems the team now has unparalleled creative flexibility to make parallax adjustments use advanced pan and scan tools and in real time compile multiple 3D sequences for playback. No other stereo tools on the market could deliver the stringent requirements for this innovative stereo pipeline and we’re proud to be a key part of it.”

 As the demand for stereo conversion has been steadily rising Legend Films has quickly emerged as a leading company for extremely high quality results. As this demand as risen Legend has responded with significant investments in its stereo conversion pipeline. 

With large teams of artists working on multiple scenes for review adjustments and approvals Legend needed a solution that would enable them to work on several scenes simultaneously create multiple options for client review and deliver scenes for viewing to one of many screening rooms. Legend responded to this need by creating a stereo conversion pipeline with IRIDAS at its core.

The level of integration between SpeedGrade NX FrameCycler DDS and FrameCycler PRO enables Legend Films to meet the extremely tight deadlines and stringent quality requirements of their Hollywood studio clients.
 IRIDAS ,2645
Cinema Scene Marketing Expands Network with Marcus Theatre ,2011-07-30,Cinema Scene Marketing has signed an agreement to expand its digital media network to 23 additional Marcus Theatre locations. Terms were not disclosed. The 23 additional Marcus Theatre locations will be added to the TrailerVision Network sometime in the third quarter bringing the network footprint to 52 locations. Cinema Scene's TrailerVision digital poster network plays unique content including digitally enhanced movie trailers living posters and corporate ads complete with stereo sound and Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity with mobile users. Marcus Theatres is thrilled to be a part of the Cinema Scene Digital Media Network. The inclusion of their innovative digital media solutions in our theatres allows us to offer exciting content and promotional opportunities to our customers and local businesses says Clint Wisialowski director of sales Marcus Theatres. Cinema Scene Marketing Marcus Theatres ,2646
OConnor Introduces Ultimate 1030 Fluid Heads for Lighter Cameras,2011-07-30,OConnor has introduced the Ultimate 1030 D and 1030 Ds fluid heads designed especially for use with new full-format sensor lighter weight cameras such as the Red Epic and Scarlet as well as the Sony F3. An updated replacement of the popular Ultimate 1030HD and HDs the new line offers a sporty industrial design and a slew of features that have been borrowed from the larger OConnors to let cinematographers seamlessly transition from heavier to lighter payload camera setups. These include the stepless pan and tilt fluid drag specifically enhanced to provide ultimate control and stability for digital cinematography shooting. The patented OConnor Sinusoidal Counterbalance system provides true accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. Users will appreciate that the system counterbalances down to zero a handy advantage since there is a trend to lighter weight cameras. For today’s versatile shooter the transition from larger to smaller payloads has never been easier. And most importantly the famous OConnor feel remains the same regardless of payload. This new 1030 D series features a other user-friendly improvements that were previously only available on larger heads. For example there is the new ergonomic crank-style counterbalance control that simply pulls out of the rear of the head. Plus the Action Brakes for pan and tilt unlock through a single-handed squeeze. And the trusted OConnor drag system ensures constant control. The OConnor 1030 D supports a payload up to 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) at a 6” (15cm) center of gravity and a +/-90° tilt range. The 1030 Ds supports up to 41 lbs. (18.6 kg) at 6” (15cm) COG with a +/- 60° tilt range. Like the rest of the OConnor Ultimate heads the 1030D and Ds have interchangeable bases (e.g. 150mm or Mitchel for the 1030) accept the same front box mount as larger heads and offer full compatibility with other OConnor 1030 accessories. Plus OConnor’s new 30L carbon fiber tripod system offers an expanded payload range in a lighter weight package which makes it the perfect companion for the 1030D and 1030Ds. The OConnor 1030 D and Ds will be available for purchase mid-summer 2011. ,2647
Petrol Bag Introduces DSLR Campack Plus,2011-07-30, Now there’s a backpack-style camera carrier designed specifically for DSLR cameras. Petrol Bags has introduced the DSLR Campack Plus. This innovative new camera/PC backpack is ideal for on-the-move camera work when travel and hiking to locations is required. Packed with a host of industry-leading advantages its bright red padded central compartment has room to hold (2) video-enabled DSLR cameras with the lenses mounted. Removable articulated dividers form enclosed storage pockets for important accessories. What’s more a secondary two-sided zippered rear compartment can hold up to a 17-inch laptop.   The DSLR Campack Plus ergonomic backpack system is optimally designed to provide correct weight distribution and carrying comfort. The system’s center panel is a bridge of 3D mesh fabric designed to encourage air to circulate and keep things cool. Other features include a flash memory card mini pouch (holds up to four cards) exterior front/side accessory pockets padded top handle removable rain cover dual directional easy-glide zippers and exterior straps for carrying a tripod. Construction is of black 900D and ballistic nylon fabrics.     ,2648
Safety Geeks: SVI 3D Now in Wide Distribution,2011-07-30, Voted the Best 3D Television Comedy at the 3D Film Festival In Los Angeles Safety Geeks: SVI is the comic adventures of an elite force of safety experts who in fact are a team of ridiculously obsessed misfits ineptly making the world safer. The CSI-like team investigates accidents in a manner more fitting Monty Python or Adult Swim. P.O.S.H. (Professional Occupational Safety Hazard) provides an obscure well-meaning service – Safety Geeks are keeping the world safe accidentally in an hour-long comedy mini-movie in stereoscopic 3D. Safety Geeks: 3D stars Brittney Powell Tom Konkle David Beeler Steve Tom Mark Teich Mary Cseh Frank Payne Ransford Doherty Chanel Ryan Jim Woods and Benton Jennings and was written and produced by Beeler and Konkle.

 The show's production company has a distribution agreement with DDD to deliver 3D content like Safety Geeks to the web in 3D through the Yabazam store and now through Digital Dynamic Depths partnership with a major studio 3D Blu-ray distributor. Safety Geeks: 3D is the first 3D live action comedy web series released for viewing in 3D on computers last year and now on 3D televisions and Blu-ray disc products. 

 The Safety Geeks show can also be ordered on TIVO under the 3D Fun Category of CASPA On-Demand in Australia and New Zealand.

The 1st Annual 3D Film Festival was presented by RealD and The Los Angeles Film School is produced by 3D live event pioneer The Dream Factory at the Los Angeles FilmSchool and their new RealD 3D-enabled screening room.

Safety Geeks: 3D is the first 3D live action comedy web series which was released for viewing in 3D on computers televisions and Blu-ray Disc products. Produced by Beeler and Konkle the web series has received other accolades and nominations for its creative content and special effects from the Streamy Awards LA Web Series Festival Stay Tuned TV and more. Konkle says It was a real team effort with the creative and technical sides all coming together. 

“As evidenced by DDD’s role in the recently introduced Acer 3D notebook PC TriDef 3D has proven to be a very popular product with OEMs seeking to introduce 3D PC products in the notebook and desktop markets” says Chris Yewdall chief executive of DDD. ,2649
Saints Row: The Third Launches with Outdoor 3D Display,2011-07-30, Pearl Media deployed a massive 3D projection on the side of San Diego’s PetCo Park during Comic-Con to promote the launch of THQ’s upcoming new video game Saints Row: The Third. The projection brought thousands of Comic-Con attendees and consumers into the streets to view 3D-projected images from the game including the main characters smashing through the walls of PetCo Park all without the use of 3D stereoscopic glasses. 
Using high-powered projectors Pearl Media's proprietary 3D and mapping technology lighting sound shadows and animation the 3D projection was mapped to the contours of PetCo Park. 
“Pearl Media is thrilled to bring our groundbreaking 3D mapping projection technology and hardware to Comic-Con for the first time ever especially for the launch of the high-profile fan favorite video game Saints Row: The Third ” says Josh Cohen President and CEO of Pearl Media. “With such a tech savvy audience at Comic-Con we see this technology as a tremendous opportunity for the entertainment and video game industries to stand out in a unique and exciting way that offers consumers something they have never before witnessed.”
 The Saints will not be contained to two dimensions. Watching them go to war against the Syndicate is exciting enough. Watching giant 3D characters from Saints Row: The Third exploding through PetCo Park takes it completely over the top. In true Saints fashion we don't do anything small says Brian Coleman vice president North American Marketing THQ.
To view a video of the projection visit: 
 Pearl Media  
The Amazing Spider-Man gets IMAX 3D Release,2011-07-30,IMAX Corporation and Sony Pictures Entertainment have announced that the 3D action-adventure The Amazing Spider-Man will be released to IMAX theatres simultaneously with the film's worldwide release on July 3 2012. To date the Spider-Man motion picture franchise has generated more than $2.5 billion in worldwide box office receipts. The last two installments of the franchise were also released in IMAX. The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Rhys Ifans Denis Leary Campbell Scott Irrfan Khan Martin Sheen and Sally Field. Marc Webb directed the film from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves based on the Marvel Comic Book by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Laura Ziskin Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing the Marvel Entertainment production for Columbia Pictures. We couldn't be more excited to be able to offer this extraordinary new Spider-Man adventure in IMAX says Rory Bruer president worldwide distribution Sony Pictures Entertainment. Marc Webb and the entire production team have been working tirelessly to deliver a 3D motion picture that will take the Spider-Man experience to a whole new level. Audiences will literally feel like they are swinging through the streets of New York and that will only be accentuated when seen in IMAX. I was blown away after getting a sneak peek at some early footage for The Amazing Spider-Man and this latest installment in the iconic franchise is a perfect DNA match for IMAX says Greg Foster chairman and president IMAX Filmed Entertainment. The film is an important addition to our 2012 film slate and we're excited to be working with Marc Webb Avi Arad Matt Tolmach and the team at Sony Pictures Entertainment to take IMAX and Spider-Man fans around the globe on this next adventure in IMAX 3D. ,2651
Screenvision Expands Deals with Clearview and Pacific,2011-07-30, Screenvision has signed new long-term agreements with Clearview Cinemas and Pacific Theatres.  With the move Screenvision strengthens its presence in New York and Los Angeles and will expand its digital network through the digitalization of the Pacific Theatres’ screens and networking the Clearview Cinemas’ lobby screens.
 Headquartered in Florham Park New Jersey Clearview Cinemas owns and operates 46 theatres representing 243 screens.  Most of its theatres are in the New York area; a few are in the Philadelphia region.  Screenvision currently represents Clearview Cinemas for local regional and national advertising sales with all locations showing the Screenvision digital on-screen preshow. Under the expanded deal Screenvision will continue to have the exclusive selling rights to the on-screen preshow – including the 20 minute early preshow and the Premium Pod late preshow – as well as the lobby screen network and non-exclusive rights to sell in-lobby promotions. Additionally Screenvision has committed to digitize the Clearview lobby program so that it can run across locations via a central network.  

 Pacific Theatres is based in Los Angeles California and owns and operates 10 theatres representing 112 screens in the nation’s second ranked market.  Screenvision currently represents Pacific Theatres for local regional and national advertising sales.  Under the new deal Screenvision will digitize all of Pacific Theatres’ screens (with the exception of the drive-in theatres). Screenvision will also have non-exclusive third-party rights to sell promotions and will digitize the balance of the circuit no later than August 31st of this year. “The partnerships with Clearview Cinemas and Pacific Theatres expands our digital footprint in the two largest markets and further illustrates that exhibitors continue to see the value that comes with partnering with Screenvision ” says Darryl Schaffer executive vice president operations and exhibitor relations Screenvision. “We are delighted to keep bringing unique entertainment to New York and Los Angeles with these extended agreements.” 
  “Screenvision has proven to be an effective partner with in-cinema advertising and our patrons always enjoy the entertaining pre-show ” says Beth Simpson Crimmins vice president of marketing and business development at Clearview Cinemas. “We look forward to extending this relationship.” 
 “Audiences in Los Angeles are savvy and they are sophisticated movie goers ” says Nora Dashwood chief brand officer at Pacific Theatres. “The quality of Screenvision’s pre show is top notch and we are thrilled to extend this deal further.”
 Clearview Cinemas Pacific Theatres Screenvision   ,2652
GDC Signs Server Deal with Stellar International Cineplex,2011-07-30,GDC Technology has signed a major digital cinema server contract with China’s Stellar International Cineplex. The agreement involves the deployment of a total of 300 GDC SX-2000A digital cinema servers with Integrated Media Block with deployment completion scheduled for 2012.   Founded in March 2003 Stellar is a subsidiary of the Stellar Media Group. It is jointly held by Stellar Media Group and Stellar International a Hong Kong listed company. China Film Stellar Theatre Chain a joint venture between Stellar and China Film Group Corporation earned box office revenues upwards of RMB1.2 billion in 2010 ranking it second among major theatre chains nationwide according to a statistical report from the Chinese Film Market Review 2010. To date Stellar Group has invested in Beijing Shanghai and other cities building more than 20 modern multiplex theaters featuring 200 screens. By the end of 2011 Stellar will build an additional 29 theaters with 225 screens and set its sights on reaching a total of 63 theaters with 500 screens by 2012. 
Since signing our first contract for the deployment of servers in September 2009 GDC has been our exclusive digital cinema partner says Yuan Xin vice president Stellar International. “GDC’s 4K upgradable solution solidifies our transformation to digital.  With the GDC server which may be the best digital cinema server on the market we are set to provide our movie going audience with a fantastic viewing experience. Additionally GDC’s nationwide network of technical support guarantees fast and highly responsive after sales service.”   We’re honored to partner with Stellar again and sincerely appreciate being selected as sole digital cinema server provider for its first class movie theaters ” says Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Technology. “Partnering with GDC comes with our promise of unyielding support in every aspect of service and digital cinema technology and we will work closely with Stellar to drive the development of digital cinema in China.”   GDC Technology