DaVinci Introduces Auto Stereo LCD TV Package

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Sat, 10/13/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

DaVinci 3D has introduced an auto stereoscopic LCD television package which includes 2D/3D content conversion. DaVinci 3D inventor and CEO Stephen Blumenthal said “DaVinci 3D has the only broadcast quality glasses free AS3D platform featuring viewer adjustable depth controls endless viewing comfort and technically is a seamless replacement for HDTV. By marrying classical 3D optics with math based PC processing we have created the next generation in 3DTV.” Anthony Vazques president of Los Angeles-based Sol Nine Productions said “I’ve worked closely with the DaVinci 3D TV platform and the 3D image quality is without peer. They clearly have the only picture which is Consumer market ready. It has no artifacts no discomfort and it looks and acts like a real TV. “ The DaVinci 3D TV offers 55-inch 42-inch and 23-inch AS3D TV’s customized for a variety of applications. DaVinci 3D says it also provides low-cost 2D to 3D content conversion and live 3D camera capture as an integral part of its system.   DaVinci has also announced the video-on-demand 3DTV ROKU Internet channel. Currently in beta mode  it is scheduled to launch next year and is designed to provide 3D stereoscopic content for stereoscopic consumer TVs. The online ROKU streaming feed will feature 3D stereoscopic movies/ ndie music videos animation sports and 3D art.