Dart Upgrades Digital Intermediates Capabilities

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Tue, 07/22/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Central American production company and post facility Dart has selected SpeedGrade XR to drive their digital intermediates finishing pipeline. We looked at several competing products says Vinicio Musmanni CEO of Dart. They could have done what SpeedGrade does but in each case they would have required more steps. SpeedGrade XR matches our workflow perfectly. This is also true for stereoscopic work. The facility recently shot stereo footage in Panama for an international production which will allow them to take advantage of the DualStream stereo technology included with SpeedGrade XR. Along with the benefits of working with RAW SpeedGrade XR makes use of the SpeedGrade OnSet integration in the Silicon Imaging camera. Looks created or applied in-camera during shooting are saved as metadata along with the image files and can be loaded non-destructively in SpeedGrade XR. This is a great help for our colorists says Aaron Montoya technology supervisor at Dart. Even though we often do end-to-end productions in-house it is so much easier to show a look than to try to explain it in words. Founded in 1998 Dart has established itself as a leading facility in Central America. The company does everything from production through post VFX DI sound and even DVD authoring. An early convert to digital technologies Dart has a reputation for technical expertise. We are recognized for using state-of-the-art technology says Ana Lil Mora COO of Dart That is important but our real strength is the skill of our artists. They are the secret of our success. We're delighted to be joining the team at Dart says Steve Crouch director of Iridas USA. They've been doing excellent work for years now and SpeedGrade XR will only add to their capabilities. Dart is currently working on an animated version of a Bollywood comedy. Iridas www.iridas.com