Da Vinci Resolve now has added Support for Red and 3D Files

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Sun, 07/12/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Da Vinci Systems has announced that its Resolve v.6.2 software for R-series color grading systems for the first time enables Resolve to color grade native digital motion picture files — including debayered Red RAW files — and to grade between two remote systems. Available worldwide new features in Resolve 6.2 also include enhanced support for 3D color grading projects. The company says that Resolve 6.2 dramatically accelerates workflows improves performance and shortens project completion times for commercials and motion pictures shot with Red cameras by eliminating the Red-to-DPX file conversion process and enabling colorists to grade the full dynamic range of Red files. Before releasing Resolve 6.2 da Vinci Systems tested the new software at post-production facilities in Singapore and in Stockholm Sweden. Red One jobs are now a 'no brainer' with da Vinci's Red solution says Charlie Ellis senior colorist and post-production manager for Blackmagic Design in Singapore. Da Vinci's new software helps us to forget how complex Red can sometimes be and instead lets us focus on creative grading rather than fixing Red conform issues. Ellis used the facility's Resolve R-350 to re-conform two Red projects. For the first project 80 GB of Red raw files were added to the media pool an offline CMX EDL was added to the timeline the spots were conformed exactly and Ellis was able to begin grading instantly. When he did the original project without Resolve 6.2 Ellis was forced to transcode 70 shots overnight on three Mac systems using RedRushes. With Resolve 6.2 there was no need for Red raw transcoding to DPX and the .R3D files were debayered in real time without rendering the footage prior to grading. In Sweden Carl Skaff head of telecine at Stockholm Postproduction ran v.6.2 software on a Resolve RT with the latest music video directed by his brother Anthony Skaff. Anthony Skaff had expected to spend two days grading using Final Cut Color. When he learned StoPP had implemented Red support he moved the project to the facility where it ran glitch-free and required only five hours of grading time. Resolve 6.2 also enables two Resolve systems to be synchronized via an Internet connection so that color grading changes made on one colorist's Resolve are immediately applied on another Resolve elsewhere in the world. Therefore a grading session being conducted in Los Angeles can be seen in a Resolve suite in Tokyo says Jim MacKrell Da Vinci's services marketing manager.