Content Media Preferred Content Form Partnership

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Tue, 11/13/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Content Media Corporation CEO John Schmidt and Content Film’s Jamie Carmichael have made a deal to establish a new film television and digital production and development company in partnership with Preferred Content founders Ross M. Dinerstein and Kevin Iwashina. The new entity entitled Preferred Film & TV will be a joint venture between CMC and PC.  Dinerstein and Iwashina will collectively oversee the day-to-day company operations working closely with Carmichael. PFT will produce content of all genres with a commitment to quality projects with both established and emerging filmmakers.  PFT will have a first-look arrangement with CMC's Film Division but will be able to work with other distribution and finance entities.  CMC and PC will continue to independently manage their international and domestic sales businesses. As Preferred Content enters its fourth year of existence Kevin and I are thrilled to continue to build our business with new partners said Dinerstein. John Jamie and the team at Content have been instrumental in the growth of our production business and we look forward to the next phase. Schmidt and Carmichael said “We have worked on some great films with Ross and Kevin culminating in the fantastic success of The Pact this year.  Ross is a really talented and creative producer with excellent taste and Kevin is an absolute dynamo with great business instincts. We have enjoyed our collaboration immensely and this is a wonderful and natural progression for our two companies to work together on the development and production of an expanded slate of feature films.” CMC and PC began their collaboration with PC’s inaugural film The Divide directed by Xavier Gens which premiered at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival and was quickly followed up by the 2011 Toronto Midnight Selection The Day.  The most recent collaboration was the 2012 Sundance Midnight Selection The Pact which CMC fully financed.  The film was a smash hit in the UK where it grossed over $4M at the box office through eOne Entertainment.  The film was released in North America by IFC Midnight.