Colorworks Offers Support for After Earth Sony F65 Workflow

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Mon, 05/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Colorworks Sony Pictures Entertainments’ digital intermediate facility is currently working with several service providers to offer 4K-workflow support for Sony’s new F65 CineAlta digital motion picture camera. The F65 workflow is being used in the latest film from the production company Overbrook Entertainment and Blinding Edge Pictures’ director M. Night Shyamalan After Earth which shot in Costa Rica and is currently filming in Philadelphia. The workflow is dedicated to on-set recording of camera data and metadata near-set dailies processing and post production digital intermediate services. After Earth is the first theatrical motion picture to be captured with the F65. Color management and color grading developer FilmLight camera supplier Otto Nemenz production services company The Creative-Cartel and post production services provider Technicolor are involved in the effort whose aim is to support productions using the F65 “from the sensor to the screen.” The companies have developed a workflow based on the ACES format utilizing their complementary services and encompassing such processes as data recording and backup on-set and near-set dailies processing post production deliverables and digital intermediate color grading and finishing. “These companies are working together to support the F65 for the benefit of filmmakers ” said Charles A. Falcetti Jr. executive vice president production services Sony Pictures Studios. “We believe the production of After Earth will serve as a blueprint for other productions adopting this great new camera.” “FilmLight is very excited to take part in designing a workflow to support the F65 ” said Wolfgang Lempp founder and director FilmLight. “Implementing a workflow for a new camera in the jungles of Costa Rica was quite a challenge and we are very pleased by how well it performed.” “Technicolor has been working closely with Colorworks and the other companies developing and managing the digital pipeline for the new F65 camera ” said Technicolor president of Creative Services Claude Gagnon.  “The camera and workflow are producing stunning results and we’re very proud to be associated with this effort.” The Creative-Cartel is thrilled to be providing the Near-Set Lab services on After Earth and to be working with a group of talented companies to establish a flawless efficient workflow for Sony's F65 camera and the filmmakers who use it ” said Jenny Fulle founder of The Creative-Cartel. Colorworks has been developing F65 workflows for more than a year. It provided dailies processing and color grading services for The Arrival a short film produced to showcase the F65 at NAB last April. Colorworks has also been involved in an F65 training program for directors cinematographers and producers ongoing on the Sony Pictures Studios lot. ,3284
DMS GenAudio Tout Speakerless Audio Upgrade,2012-05-15,Movie theaters can now significantly enhance the audio experience for consumers without adding additional speakers. This advance accomplished through software is being brought to the market through a partnership between Digital Media Solutions and GenAudio. In the theater a Cineaudio cinema processor unit integrated with AstoundSurround for cinema software takes the multi-channel audio print master with discrete channel inputs (e.g. 7.1 11.1 or more) in real-time and renders the same multi-channel audio experience in any existing 5.1 multi-channel audio equipped room maintaining all panning information (including elevated audio channel information). All that is required for the theater is either a software update for existing DMS cinema processor installations or a new Cineaudio-AstoundSurround cinema interface. This is the only 3D audio solution that does not force theater owners to invest in expensive new speaker hardware installations to reproduce multi-dimensional sound. Unlike conventional 35mm film digital cinema is capable of higher motion picture frame rates to create a more natural and immersive 3D visual experience. AstoundSurround is the perfect complement to this enhancement and allows moviegoers to enjoy a significantly enhanced 3D audio experience that actually matches the visuals. A key advantage to AstoundSurround is that it works regardless of where you sit in the theater with no sweet spot. Thus the entire audience is enveloped in sound that intensifies and heightens their motion picture experience. AstoundSurround real-time digital signal processing software technology does not require any change in audio mixing workflow during post-production making it very cost-effective for the studios. Directors can fuse the audience into their motion picture in a way that was never before possible by enabling a spherical sound field that includes accurate elevation and depth perception in both the positive and negative directions (e.g. +Z and -Z auditory perception). Current competing audio technology requires additional speakers to be mounted in various locations on a theater auditorium's ceiling that only addresses the positive elevation direction and it is prohibitively expensive and time consuming. I was very impressed with AstoundSurround the first time I listened in a theatrical setting said Herve Roux CEO of DMS. The room was alive with audio and I felt as though there were speakers all around and above me. The inclusion of AstoundSurround software in our Cineaudio processors is a unique competitive advantage for DMS and our customers. There is no doubt that film-makers will take advantage of this multi-channel audio capability to engulf consumers with a unique audio experience. Best of all movie theater owners are going to truly appreciate the business and technical benefits of this unique audio cinema processor solution. This confirms product compatibility with both 2D and 3D sound technologies and our DNA to be an open platform to deliver the necessary products tools and solutions for movie theaters. Of the 155 000 cinemas in the world more than 75 percent are already converted to 5.1 sound. A value add of AstoundSurround when deployed in conjunction with the DMS audio servers is that it does not require theater owners to incur the added expense of updating all of their 5.1 digital audio rooms to accommodate the new higher channel speaker count of multi-channel movies when they are released. This approach saves theater owners time and money by enabling their 5.1 digital audio rooms to be fully compatible with current and future multi-channel audio delivery formats. We are very pleased to be able to deliver AstoundSurround with an industry leading company in the digital theater space like DMS said Jerry Mahabub founder and CEO of GenAudio. DMS is a recognized world leader for digital audio cinema processors and they are the perfect partner to deliver our latest theatrical audio software solution. The global support of DMS in movie theaters complements GenAudio's thrust to deliver high-quality audio in other industries such as consumer electronics and video games. DMS and GenAudio will begin deploying Cineaudio-AstoundSurround enabled cinema audio processors starting mid summer of 2012. Pricing was not announced. ,3286
Fuel VFX Deploys Aspera for Global Media File Transfer,2012-05-15,Sydney Australia effects studio Fuel VFX has selected and deployed Aspera to manage and transfer their digital assets. Fuel VFX produced visual effects for blockbuster films such as Prometheus The Avengers Captain America: The First Avenge and Thor. As the media and entertainment industry continues the transition from tape to digital assets Fuel VFX needed an ultra-fast robust and secure delivery system to transfer work in progress and finished assets around the world with their clients. FTP was no longer a reliable or feasible transfer methodology so a directed professional transfer system was sought to help with management of transfers speed to the end point and simplicity for internal staff. The Aspera faspex person to person file distribution and exchange platform was evaluated and quickly chosen having met the security speed and ease of use requirements put forth by Fuel VFX. “Aspera was able to quickly integrate in to our existing Linux infrastructure to give us the required high-speed transfers to our partners around the world ” said Dylan Penhale CTO at Fuel VFX. “The faspex web-based interface is very easy for our employees to use and includes all they key features we need such as automatic client installation e-mail notifications for delivery and download and dropboxes with custom metadata for ad-hoc 3rd party submissions.” “Because of the extremely valuable nature of the productions that Fuel VFX is responsible for a premium was placed on security ” said John Wastcoat vice president at Aspera. “And because all Aspera software comes with complete built-in security for user authentication data encryption over the wire and at rest and data integrity verification we were able to surpass the requirements and make sure that their content remains safe.” ,3288
IDC Signs with Thaicom to Distribute Content in Southeast Asia,2012-05-15,International Datacasting Corporation has signed a contract with Thaicom Public Company Limited which in conjunction with their customer will own and operate a satellite cinema distribution system throughout Southeast Asia. Under this contract IDC's Centient Media Aware Content Distribution Network platform will be deployed to secure and manage live and file based content for satellite distribution to IDC receivers at 3 000 cinemas throughout Thailand and other countries within the reach of the Thaicom footprint. The value of the contract is being withheld at the request of the customer. The Centient Media Aware CDN system will manage the ingest of movies and the distribution of live content as supplied by their customers via the Thaicom network operations center based in Bangkok. Cinemas will be equipped with the IDC Pro Cinema receiver which provides satellite reception of secured live events and encrypted files for use within these cinemas. The Pro Cinema receiver implements addressable decryption of live events and secure storage of movies. In addition it allows multi-lingual subtitling and offers a video playout system with integrated real-time watermarking. Watermarking will protect content and deter piracy by allowing the tracking of illegal copies back to a specific cinema. Provision is also made for future 3D operations as studios ramp up their 3D productions. We are excited that Thaicom has selected us for this significant project. We have built a good and trusting relationship with them over the years and this new collaboration is the result of this ongoing trust said Frederick Godard IDC president and CEO. This advanced implementation of the IDC Centient CDN platform will give Thaicom and its customer a highly efficient means to control and manage content over a vast network of cinemas. ,3289
Major Film Planned about Kennedy Assassination,2012-05-15, As the 50th anniversary approaches in 2013 for one of the darkest saddest days in modern American history – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy – plans have been announced for production of a major motion picture based on the New York Times bestselling book The Kennedy Detail written by former Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine and award-winning journalist Lisa McCubbin with a foreword by former agent Clint Hill.

 Ramos & Sparks Group of Tallahassee Florida in conjunction with Atchity Entertainment International of Los Angeles California have announced they have secured the rights and optioned the book for an independent feature film closely following the book thereby “setting the record straight in answer to Oliver Stone’s fanciful JFK.” 

 The venture will be produced by the collaboration The Kennedy Project. Blaine a key member of President John F. Kennedy’s security detail teamed with McCubbin to provide a first-hand account of protecting the 35th President and his family immediately following his election in November 1960 through the tragic day in Dallas Texas on November 22 1963.

This critically acclaimed account was released in late 2010 as the first book written about the President and his family with the cooperation of the men charged with his protection. The first-hand account told within the 427 pages of The Kennedy Detail and an Emmy-nominated documentary of the same title is comprised of individual tales of loyalty honor and ultimately loss.  

 “This book is about a ‘band of brothers’ who committed their lives every day to guarding the President and his family ” said Dr. Ken Atchity president of Atchity Entertainment International who will serve as the film’s producer along with AEI partner Chi-Li Wong.  “The unique relationship between this President and those charged with his safety is a story that will add a previously unknown perspective into the brief but well-chronicled era known as the Kennedy Administration.”

 “As a life-long student of the Kennedy Administration and the events of November 22 1963 I could see immediately that this book provided a clear picture and keen insight into the everyday workings of the administration as well as that horrible day in Dallas ” said Rich Ramos who along with Bob Sparks of Ramos & Sparks Group will also serve as producers. “The true story contained in The Kennedy Detail needs to be brought to theaters around the world so that history can be presented accurately once and for all.” Plans call for a release in late 2013 nearly 50 years to the day of the assassination of President Kennedy. The Emmy-nominated documentary based on The Kennedy Detail narrated by Martin Sheen was executive-produced by Ken Atchity and Chi-Li Wong along with Renegade83 and first aired on Discovery Channel in 2010.  Jerry Blaine and Lisa McCubbin also served as producers. ,3291
Kidtoons Adds MyKaZootv to Programming Scheduled,2012-05-15,Kidtoon Films has added myKaZootv music videos to its 2012 programming schedule. The first video featured on Kidtoons will be a Farmer Jason (winner of the Dove and Parents’ Choice Awards) video in May on all Kidtoons screens. “The partnership between myKaZoo and Cinedigm is a natural fit ” said Debbie Dunn account director Kidtoons. “We show the best in age-appropriate entertainment at our Kidtoons weekend matinees and we know that our Kidtoons families will enjoy the great music videos from MyKaZootv artists such as Farmer Jason.” MyKaZootv is an always-on interactive multi-channel video platform broadcasting music videos for children with features that make it better than television. Beginning with an online presence offered free to parents and kids the channel is accessible via handheld devices (phone and tablet platforms) and cable television. The channel offers parents and kids a safe focused environment showing hundreds of entertaining music videos by top artists kid hosts and humorous educational interstitials all organized by topic and artist and easily selected by young viewers. “We see so much potential in our partnership with Kidtoons ” said Richard Ellis founder of myKaZootv. “There are hundreds of independent children’s artists around the country making great music and videos with little coordinated access to national publicity marketing and distribution. “Kidtoons will help us to provide them with an additional very valuable touchpoint to the audience – a touchpoint with definite cachet.” ,3292
Light Illusion Announces Color Management Upgrades,2012-05-15, Light Illusion has announced what it says are significant enhancements to its range of color management systems both hardware and software providing advanced color control capabilities for all color critical workflows from film lab operations through digital intermediate grading to final delivery and distribution.

 First to be unveiled is an ACES toolset for LightSpace CMS which provides direct color control for any ACES based workflow a new color space developed by the Science and Technology Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. From on-set to DI operations visual effect facilities broadcasting or animation color space management has become more difficult with the plethora of new digital cinematography cameras released in recent times. LightSpace CMS with ACES capability provides facility-wide single color space management from a simple to use system that is display format and workflow agnostic.

In addition to ACES for LightSpace CMS Light Illusion is also releasing a selection of new JamTools capabilities adding to Alexicc and JamSync systems.

 New JamTools additions include GoProFuze a product that enables the logging and transcoding of GoPro footage into MXF or Prores for use in Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro providing editorial with selected sections from original shots using initial logging to save hours of transcode time plus a lot of disc space.

 AutoAlexicc is a new product which further builds on the existing Alexicc system leveraging the inbuilt metadata within Alexa image files to automatically select the required Look during transcoding matching any ‘looks’ defined on-set by the DoP. This is a new and fully automated workflow for dailies removing the need to manually grade to match on-set looks.

ShootersInc has been using Alexicc since it was first in beta. “By leveraging our existing infrastructure of Mac based clients with a fast SAN to create quick turn-around editorial dailies the solution has proved an ongoing success. Combined with the ability to create custom ICC profiles in SpaceMan ICC Alexa dailies are a snap to customize and execute in an easy to use solution. And don’t just limit yourself to Alexa capture; AlexICC has become our tool of choice to convert many QuickTime wrapped source files into MXF for easy Avid import when our bays are busy working. We look forward to the evolution of the JamTools product line as features and products continue to develop increasing overall efficiency in the dailies ROI ” said John-Michael Trojan manager of technology services ShootersInc Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The final addition is to Light Illusion’s hardware systems and is the SpecTD Densitometer developed by VFX Consulting. This is a widely anticipated development as it provides a long awaited alternative to the discontinued but ubiquitous X-Rite 310t densitometer.

 Antonio Rasure manager Kodak Cinelabs said This is a subject which I've been really passionate about within Kodak for some time. The discontinuance of the 310t by X-Rite in my opinion left a hole which has yet to be filled by other densitometer manufacturers out there. The SpecTD is not just a replacement for the 310t but a great improvement on measurement capability and something all high-end film labs will be desperate to get their hands on. ,3293
Litepanels Offers Rebate on Chroma and Sola Light Fixtures,2012-05-15,Litepanels will offer a $100 rebate on purchases of the Croma variable color temperature LED light and the Sola ENG LED Fresnel lighting fixture. Litepanels’ mail-in rebate offer for Croma and Sola ENG fixture purchases runs from through July 15 2012 with no limits on quantity. All rebate requests must be postmarked by midnight August 15 2012. The offer is subject to the rebate’s terms and conditions which can be found at The new Croma is an on-camera light that delivers soft illumination at any color temperature between daylight and tungsten. As the cameraperson moves from one lighting environment to another he can match the output of the Croma to the color temperature of the ambient light. Since Croma also provides the ability to dim its output from 100 percent to 0 with no noticeable shift in color temperature it can deliver exactly the right amount of fill light at precisely the right color temperature. The Croma draws just 9W of current while providing comparable light output to that of a 40W HMI or 90W tungsten fixture.   The Sola ENG Fresnel provides a long-throw adjustable beam of daylight-balance illumination that can light the elements of a news story during the dark of night as well as a pleasing fill for interviews and live-shots with enough punch to fill in faces in direct sunlight. It draws just 30W yet provides illumination equivalent to a 100W HMI without a bulky external ballast or down time before restriking. The light’s proprietary Fresnel lens provides focus adjustment from 15° to 50°. ,3294
Lotus Post Outfits Six Rooms with JBL Equipment,2012-05-15, Located in the heart of Santa Monica California Lotus Post offers a broad range of audio services for movies TV and music recording. Now Lotus Post has outfitted six of its rooms—Stages One through Six—with a range of models from the LSR6300 Series studio monitor line plus JBL ScreenArray and cinema surround speakers in Stage One (Lotus Post’s Big Room) and cinema surround speakers in Stage Two. In its new 6 000-square-foot facility with six post-production studios and another in the works Lotus Post relies on Harman’s JBL ScreenArray cinema loudspeakers and LSR Series studio monitors for film projects including Outrun The Fighter Thor plus TV projects for Fox Discovery Channel and Speed TV. “Our mission is to be the best independent audio post facility in Los Angeles and offer an environment that fosters quality and creativity ” said Michael Perricone CEO of Lotus Post. “We handle a variety of projects from feature films to promos to surround music mixing with budgets ranging from $10 000 to $10 million.” JBL ScreenArray loudspeakers are created to provide extended frequency response wide dynamic range and smooth even coverage to every seat in a theater. JBL’s LSR Series studio monitors provide high-resolution near field monitoring and feature technology that ensures accuracy at the mix position in any room. The use of JBL studio monitors in conjunction with JBL ScreenArray gives Lotus Post room-to-room consistency for mixes that consistently translate perfectly to theaters and homes. “Every room at Lotus Post is designed to take advantage of today’s audio technology to the maximum ” Perricone noted. “We have to have sound we can believe in. The quality of our mixes can only be as good as the quality of what we’re hearing—that’s why it’s crucial for us to have speakers that don’t cut corners sonically.” “With our JBLs I can believe what I’m hearing—there’s no coloration nothing to make the sound more ‘exciting’ than it really is ” Perricone added. “JBL ScreenArray loudspeakers are used in movie theaters all over the world and what we hear in Stage One is what we know people are going to hear when they go to the movies.” “A friend of mine had a pair of JBL LSR studio monitors and I heard them a few years ago and liked them very much ” Perricone added. “When we started Lotus Post at our original space in 2009 we took over a facility that already had JBL ScreenArray loudspeakers in two of the rooms. After working with these speakers and getting such consistently good results we decided to equip every room with JBL systems when we moved Lotus Post to our new facility in Santa Monica.” “The great thing about the LSR Series monitors ” Perricone concluded “is that they do the same thing—the same quality of sound we hear in our post-production rooms translates to the big theaters. Also thanks to their RMC Room Mode Correction I can go from room to room in our facility and know that I’m going to hear absolutely consistent sound with no surprises.” ,3295
Marcus Theatres Installs Doremi’s CaptiView Systems ,2012-05-15,Marcus Theatres has announced that the new CaptiView Closed Caption Viewing Systems and Fidelio Descriptive Audio Systems are now available at virtually all its digital cinema locations throughout the Midwest. The innovative technology developed by Doremi Cinema allows hearing and visually impaired filmgoers to see most movies from any seat in the auditorium. The new technology enhancements are a result of the company's large-scale digital cinema rollout completed last September. We are extremely pleased we can offer a memorable moviegoing experience to all of our patrons. The new closed-caption viewing system and audio system will allow hearing-impaired and visually impaired guests to be able to see and hear the latest blockbusters from any seat in the theatre. Plus the system is easy and efficient to use said Bruce J. Olson president of Marcus Theatres. For deaf and hard of hearing guests the CaptiView system transmits encrypted closed captions to a small easy-to-read screen that displays the dialogue. The screen is attached to a bendable support arm that securely fits in the chair's cup holder. It can be easily adjusted and positioned directly in front of the guest and the device features a privacy visor to prevent distractions to others in the theatre. The Fidelio system provides either descriptive audio for visually impaired guests or audio from the movie for guests who need to adjust the volume. The convenient wireless audio system consists of a compact audio receiver and headset. Olson said captioning and descriptive audio will be available on most but not all motion pictures. Studios must add the captions and descriptive audio to the digital content that they provide to theatres but the adjustable volume feature is available in all auditoriums for showings. There is no charge to use these systems. Our guests can simply ask for the devices at the box office. Marcus Theatres has been a leader in providing captioning and adjustable volume headsets in our theatres for over 20 years. These new innovative technologies continue our company's strong commitment to providing the best movie going experience for all our guests Olson said. ,3296
NCM Presents The Phantom of the Opera—The Complete Story,2012-05-15, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh’s The Phantom of the Opera makes its cinematic return on May 21 with a special encore presentation of Lloyd Webber’s long-awaited continuation Love Never Dies on May 23. Presented by NCM Fathom and Omniverse Vision The Phantom of the Opera—The Complete Story will be broadcast to nearly 550 select movie theaters across the country through NCM’s exclusive Digital Broadcast Network. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2011 with an exclusive in-theater event in October The Phantom of the Opera pre-recorded event is a fully-staged lavish production set in the Victorian splendor of the Royal Albert Hall with more than 200 original and current cast members paying special tribute to “the music of the night.” Love Never Dies a fully staged production pre-recorded at The Regent Theatre in Melbourne Australia made its first U.S. appearance in select movie theaters in February. The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall event was broadcast to hundreds of U.S. theaters – many selling out – last October. The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall stars Ramin Karimloo as The Phantom and Sierra Boggess as Christine.’ They are joined by Barry James as Monsieur Firmin Gareth Snook as Monsieur André Liz Robertson as Madame Giry and Wynne Evans as Piangi together with a cast and orchestra of more than 200 including special guest appearances.

 The Phantom of the Opera has been seen in 145 cities in 27 countries and played to more than 130 million people winning more than 50 major theatre awards including seven Tony and three Olivier Awards in the West End. The Phantom of the Opera first opened in 1986 at Her Majesty’s Theatre and is based on the French novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra.

Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies features a 21-piece orchestra and a cast of 36 including actors Ben Lewis as The Phantom and Anna O’Byrne as Christine. The cinematic production directed by Brett Sullivan brings audiences into a world of passion obsession and romance. The captivating love story of the Phantom and Christine continues in New York’s playground Coney Island where the Phantom begins a new life in New York amongst the freaks and sideshows. In an effort to win back his love the Phantom lures Christine and her family to this new sparkling unknown world. “For the first time ever The Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies fans will have the chance to experience Andrew Lloyd Webber’s brilliant musicals as a complete story ” said Shelly Maxwell executive vice president of NCM Fathom Events. “Except for attending these events in their local movie theaters these fans may never get this rare opportunity again.”   ,3297
Odeon Signs with Unique Digital for Key Delivery,2012-05-15, Odeon Cinemas have signed up to Unique Digital’s new Basekey key delivery system to distribute the film security keys to all 108 sites across their circuit in the UK and Ireland. 
 Basekey provides cinemas distributors and content media houses with a secure and automated system to manage and deliver keys to any digital cinema site equipped with a Rosettabridge Theatre Management System. Packages of keys are uploaded by distribution partners via a secure web service portal and each TMS automatically only pulls down the keys required for the DCI compliant playback servers on it’s site by continuously polling for changes and updates. 
Unique Digital has also rolled out the system as part of their DC deployment in Norway with all the major Studios and media distribution houses already signed up to use the service. 
“As the number of DC equipped cinemas grows worldwide one of the major unsolved headaches for exhibitors and distributors alike has been the management of keys. Up to now delivery of the keys has meant countless emails and/or shipping of USB keys. Basekey removes all that additional work and cost ” said Phil Morris technical director Unique Digital. “The system has now supplied hundreds of keys for several major releases for Odeon greatly reducing their operations workload.” 
”One of the biggest headaches for an Exhibitor when converting to digital cinema is the management and upkeep of digital keys. Unique’s Basekey solution removes all the hassle and ensures the correct keys are available on the correct screen at all times ” said Drew Kaza digital development director Odeon Cinemas. “Coupled to the Rosettabridge TMS in each site the system is fully automated and hassle-free.” 
 With several major releases already this year Walt Disney has been a keen supporter of the system since it was deployed for Odeon. This is the type of system we have been waiting for said Saul Mahoney executive director digital cinema operations EMEA at Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Unique's Basekey solution offers an effective answer to an industry wide issue affording Odeon an advantage with their digital cinema operations in the UK by minimizing the pain surrounding KDM delivery in general.
 Chris Olsson-Hagan managing director Unique Digital said “We have listened to the concerns of both Distributors and Exhibitors and designed a system that meets the needs of the market . We look forward to expanding our Basekey offering to the rest of our customers and partners world-wide” ,3298
Polson Theatres Selects Barco for Circuit-Wide Digital Cinema Deployment,2012-05-15,Barco has completed installation of 26 DLP Cinema projectors in Polson Theatre’s 11 sites located throughout Montana. Because the Polson Theatre circuit is spread across many small towns throughout the state the owners wanted to maintain a high degree of self-sufficiency with their projectors. Three of the principals completed Barco’s training and certification program so they could handle the maintenance service and repair needs quickly and efficiently at each theater location. “When we met the Pickerell and Dupuis families about five years ago they were very careful and deliberate about converting to digital ” said Terri Westhafer director of business development digital cinema for Barco North America. “Their desire to achieve certification with their Barco projectors reflects their commitment to maintaining outstanding screen presentation.  We are proud they chose to convert their entire circuit to Barco and we look forward to a long and mutually prosperous relationship with them.” ,3299
Quvis Wraptor 2.0 Now Available for DCPs,2012-05-15, Quvis has announced the availability of Wraptor 2.0. Featuring Quvis’ proprietary Quality Priority Encoding technology Wraptor 2.0 enables filmmakers to convert Final Cut Pro files to the Digital Cinema Package format used by most theatrical digital projection systems today. Wraptor 2.0 is a plug-and-play system that delivers the quality users expect from a digital format at a low price point.  “Quvis is committed to bringing digital cinema not only to movie theatres but to home theatres as well ” said Kenbe Goertzen Quvis founder. “Our software products significantly reduce the cost and time associated with converting movies into digital format while at the same time producing the highest quality digital content.” 
Quvis Wraptor 2.0 is available for $699. It can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial at ,3301
Requited Finalist for Student Oscar,2012-05-15, A Point Park University student film is a finalist for the 2012 Student Academy Awards by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Requited by seniors Mark Christian cinematographer and writer and Madeline Puzzo director and production designer is one of only nine films named as finalists in the narrative category. In all more than 560 films from students in 105 United States colleges and universities have been considered. “This visually stunning moving picture is a result of an intense collaborative process ” said Nelson Chipman chair of Point Park University’s cinema and digital arts department. Requited is an authentic Western. Using a crew of 20 including Point Park students and cast of more than a dozen Christian and Puzzo shot the 12-minute film this winter in Gammons Gulch in Benson Arizona and Old Bedford Village in Bedford Pennsylvania. The characters are based on those in a film Puzzo and Christian completed in 2011 The Kid. Requited is the senior thesis film for both students. Christian from McLean Virginia will graduate with a concentration in cinematography. Puzzo from Tuscon Arizona will graduate with a concentration in directing.

 Chipman says having Point Park University represented in the Student Academy Awards is an honor that reflects the program’s dynamic growth and students’ intensity and drive: “In many ways it reflects the ability of Point Park students to become skilled and well crafted in their concentrations. By the time they are seniors here students have worked on more than two dozen movies each.”  

 The Student Academy Awards are June 9 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will name the top three films in each category prior to the event. ,3302
Rooftop Films Announces Summer Series Schedule,2012-05-15,Rooftop Films 2012 Summer Series presented by AT&T has announced its full line-up including short programs dates and venues. Rooftop Films will screen 23 feature films and 183 short films including New York US and world premieres. The films come from around the world with offbeat comedies intimate and intense dramas and personal documentaries. Most events include live music filmmaker Q&As special appearances by the films’ casts and subjects and after-parties with complementary drinks every weekend until August 18. “With more amazing events than ever ” said Rooftop Films founder and artistic director Mark Elijah Rosenberg “2012 is going to be a spectacular summer on the rooftops parks piers and plazas of New York. Rooftop began by showing short films and I’m thrilled about the selection of shorts we have this year. We make watching short films an event with themed programs that celebrate the art form and give large audiences the chance to see emerging filmmakers make exciting new films.” Along with their already outstanding venues spanning the roofs parks and piers of Manhattan Brooklyn Queens and the Bronx Rooftop Films is excited to screen at two new locations this year: Dekalb Market and MetroTech Commons. Located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn the beautiful commons of MetroTech opened in 1992 and has become a preferred location for students local residents and those employed in the nearby buildings to spend their free time. All screenings at MetroTech Commons are co-presented with the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership. Housed in a collection of salvaged shipping containers Dekalb Market has become a new community destination in downtown Brooklyn and brings together Brooklyn’s creative entrepreneurs in a community setting that include an incubator farm an event and performance venue and a collection of eateries and work-sell spaces. Check the Rooftop Films website for a complete list of films ,3303
Schneider Introduces S2000 Century/Canon 17mm Lens,2012-05-15,Schneider Optics has introduced the S2000 Century/Canon 17mm T4 Tilt-Focus Lens in PL Mount. Ideal for use on cameras with up to a S35 sensor this new converted lens offers 360 degrees of rotation and 8 degrees of tilt in any direction for remarkable control of the subject focus plane. The lens' tilt and rotation adjustments can be made before or even during a shot for a wide variety of effects. The desired degree of rotation is fixed via a lever while a locking knob secures the selected tilt angle. The S2000 Century/Canon 17mm lens features a linear iris and integral .8 module metric iris and focus gears. Other existing lenses in the Tilt-Shift family include: 24mm T4 45mm T2.8 and 90mm T2.8. The US list price for the Century/Canon 17mm T4 is $7500. ,3304
Trevor Forrest Wins Tribeca Cinematography Award for Una Noche,2012-05-15, Trevor Forrest won the Tribeca Film Festival Award for Best Cinematography for his work on the much-discussed Una Noche.
The riveting story of Cuban teenagers attempting to defect to America has since become a case of life imitating art with the apparent defection of two actors. Una Noche premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and previously received the 2009 Spike Lee Production Award. The United States premiere of Una Noche at Tribeca Film Festival received an overwhelmingly positive response. Variety’s Justin Chang praised the film giving special notice to the “vibrant evocation of Havana street life ” and saying Forrest’s work brought “a palpable sizzle to the sun-drenched Havana settings.” 
  During the festival’s awards ceremony at the Conrad New York in NYC Una Noche director Lucy Mulloy also took home the Best New Narrative Director award. Two of the film’s stars Dariel Arrechada and Javier Nunez Florian shared the Best Actor in a Narrative Feature award. With three wins Una Noche earned the most acolytes of any film competing at the festival.
 Forrest’s narrative résumé includes the IFC Films horror/comedy Grabbers which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and will open theatrically later this year. His upcoming films are: The Knot a rom-com starring Mena Suvari; moody horror feature Comedown; and Someone Else with writer/director Col Spector described by Variety as “gorgeously composed in Panavision widescreen by d.p. Trevor Forrest.”

 Forrest shares the Tribeca Award with co-cinematographer Shlomo Godder. Forrest is represented by Dattner Dispoto and Associates. ,3307
XDC to Present Opera on Ice ,2012-05-15,XDC Entertainment has announced the Europe-wide release in June of classical ice dancing extravaganza Opera On Ice in cinemas in HD. Through their continued association with Nexo Digital XDC have acquired rights to release the event available on DCP in Poland Spain Portugal Finland Denmark Sweden UK and Ireland. Filmed on location in Italy Verona’s world famous Roman amphitheatre dates back to AD30.  This beautiful and extraordinary venue has been transformed into an ice rink allowing some of the world’s best loved opera to be interpreted by the top names in ice-dancing including the world No. 1 and Ambassador to Opera on Ice Italy’s Carolina Kostner as well as Stephane Lambiel the Swiss champion and multiple medal winner at European championships and Olympics since 2005. Other performers include China’s ice dance partners Qing Pang and Jian Tong top Russian athletes Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinn Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Shoenfelder of France Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte of Italy Canadian Emanuel Sandhu and Italian synchronized skating team Hot Shivers. The Coro e Orchestra dell’Arena di Verona is conducted by Fabio Mastrangelo who is taking a break from conducting the St Petersburg Philharmonic and the Mariinsky Theatre. In Opera on Ice he leads the orchestra in an ensemble including Puccini’s Nessun Dorma as well as the most familiar arias from Carmen La Traviata Tosca Rigoletto and Romeo & Juliet. Josee Dubois international sales director at Nexo Digital said “Seeing the world’s best ice dancers perform in such a venue to this extraordinary live orchestra is an event like none other and at Nexo Digital we are very proud to be bringing this to audiences for the first time in cinemas.” XDC Entertainment’s vice president Fabrice Testa said “At XDC Entertainment we saw that the combination of opera and ice dancing together on the screen in High Definition and 5.1 surround sound is truly magical and are delighted to be bringing it to audiences – this is truly a momentous event.” Frank Smith XDC Entertainment sales manager added “Cinemas have been clamouring for this kind of content and it’s terrific to see such an appetite for world class entertainment like this. There is something for everyone here and XDC Entertainment will do audiences proud all over Europe.” Opera on Ice is showing in cinemas in Europe from June 7 onwards. ,3308
AAM Signs Long-Term VPF Deal with Medusa Film,2012-05-31, Arts Alliance Media has signed a long-term virtual print fee contract with Medusa Film Italy’s leading film distributor. Under the terms of the agreement whenever a film by Medusa is booked on a digital cinema system that is part of AAM’s current network in Italy Medusa will provide the film in digital format and pay a virtual print fee to contribute towards the cost of converting cinemas from 35mm to digital projection. This VPF contract complements AAM’s existing deals with all six Hollywood Studios which cover digital rollout across Europe and allow AAM to support the digital conversion of cinemas. Giovanni Dolci Arts Alliance Media’s director of sales and business development said “This deal is a positive step forward for the Italian cinema industry and demonstrates Medusa’s foresight and commitment to supporting the transition to digital. AAM is eager to establish similar partnerships with all Italian distributors.” Arts Alliance Media ,3312
Arqiva Delivers 100th Feature Film Via Satellite ,2012-05-31, Arqiva has delivered its 100th full-length feature film via its digital cinema satellite distribution system.  The company did not say what that film was; according to a spokesman because it had not yet received the studio's permission to name it. 
 Marco Tinnirello head of digital cinema at Arqiva said “Arqiva is an industry leader pioneering the electronic delivery of cinema content via satellite.  Our proven satellite-based delivery platform on IS905 offers studios and exhibitors significant cost savings as well as simplicity speed and security.  This powerful combination has led to an ever-increasing uptake and the roll out of our network across Europe.” “We are now delivering at least ten full-length feature films to hundreds of cinemas every month.  This makes the one hundred mark a clear indicator of the huge momentum our network has gathered and the tremendous potential for digital cinema in the years ahead.” ,3313
Autodesk International 3D Society Announce Short Film Competition,2012-05-31, In an effort to encourage and recognize 3D filmmakers the International 3D Society and Autodesk have announced a worldwide 3D short film competition. The Society is committed to honoring 3D excellence and this competition will allow us to focus industry attention on the best short films and filmmakers says Jim Mainard head of digital strategy for DreamWorks Animation and Society chairman. Powered by Nvidia and Fordela the competition is open to any short subject work of 40 minutes or less. Filmmakers can upload their works to a secure 3D website at: Deadline for entries is November 16. A panel of Society voting member professionals will judge entries. The winning filmmaker will be flown to Los Angeles to receive his or her award at our Creative Arts Awards Ceremony in February says Society president Jim Chabin. This is our chance to shine the spotlight on the star filmmakers of tomorrow. The Society was established to advance the arts and sciences of stereoscopic 3D and its professional innovators. The international organization includes committees in China Japan Korea Europe and members in 19 countries. The International 3D Society ,3314
Band Pro Named Canon Cinema Pro Reseller 
,2012-05-31, Shortly after unveiling their new C500 Cinema EOS 4K Camera at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in April Canon has named professional equipment and service specialists Band Pro Film & Digital as a premiere reseller of their new Cinema EOS line of products. 
 While Band Pro has been a reseller of Canon’s high definition camcorders and lenses for many years this new collaboration incorporates not only the Cinema EOS cameras like the C300 and C500 but also includes the EF Cinema Lenses and Canon’s popular line of DSLR cameras such as the new EOS 5D Mark III. “For many manufacturers Band Pro can provide a bridge to the high-end production community ” said Amnon Band president and CEO of Band Pro. “With our existing accessory lines that support the C500 and C300 we look forward to providing clients with complete packages so they can walk out the door and begin shooting immediately.”
In addition to carrying Canon’s Cinema EOS products Band Pro is currently in talks with Canon to provide repair and service for the cinema cameras in their Burbank service center which has been working on cameras monitors and more for over 20 years. ,3315
Cinedigm Signs Licensing Deal with Prima Cinema,2012-05-31, Cinedigm Digital Cinema has agreed to license content to Prima Cinema a film distribution company that delivers theatrical release movies to private home theater systems.

 The recent acquisition of New Video has enabled Cinedigm to acquire and distribute independent films and specialty content both theatrically and through digital mobile and home media platforms. Prima Cinema is the creator of the exclusive Premium Home Theater experience.

 Cinedigm will license to Prima Cinema its rapidly expanding library of independent films documentaries and other premium alternative specialty content including ballet opera theater sporting events and musical concerts. 

“Cinedigm is a fully integrated distributor of independent films and specialty content ” said Chris McGurk chairman & CEO. “Prima provides us with a brand-new high-value distribution channel enabling direct access to an established and growing market of private home theater screens. Additionally with the associated premium business model it could represent a significant new revenue stream for us.” 

“We are delighted to partner with Cinedigm for our summer launch ” said Jason Pang Prima Cinema founder and CEO. “Apart from Hollywood movies and award-winning independent films Cinedigm will also be providing our clients with some exclusive movies and other content distributed under our World Premier banner.” 
 Cinedigm Digital Cinema ,3317
USL Integrates Civolution NexGuard Watermarking Technology in its IMB,2012-05-31, Civolution’s NexGuard - Digital Cinema forensic watermarking technology has been incorporated into the latest Integrated Media Block product a central element of the digital theater equipment from USL Inc. Civolution's NexGuard meets all current requirements from Digital Cinema Initiatives and helps producers distributors theater chains and anti-piracy agencies deter camcording piracy and restore lost revenues across the industry. The film industry is impacted by billions of dollars in lost revenues due to the illicit recording and redistribution of movies still in their theatrical release windows says Jack Cashin president at USL. By integrating Civolution's NexGuard - Digital Cinema forensic watermarking technology into our IMB product we can now offer content owners the strongest content protection and piracy deterrence system available and help decrease these lost revenues. Theft and illicit redistribution affect the movie industry from top to bottom says Jean-Michel Masson senior vice president watermarking operations Civolution. At the initiative of Hollywood Studios the use of forensic watermarking has been made a key element of the specifications put forth by the Digital Cinema Initiative aimed at curbing still-rampant camcording piracy. Civolution is proud to be empowering film producers distributors anti-piracy agencies and theater chains in their fight against content theft. Civolution ,3318
Content Acquires Worldwide Rights to Complicit,2012-05-31, Content has acquired worldwide rights to Complicit.  The feature film was commissioned by Channel 4 and will receive its UK premiere on the Channel before a worldwide theatrical release. Complicit is directed by Niall MacCormick (Albatross Long Walk to Finchley) and has started shooting on location in London and Morocco.

Complicit explores the moral compromises and dilemmas that underpin the war on terror as an MI5 agent becomes embroiled in the torture of a suspected terrorist in order to prevent a major attack in the UK.  
 The cast includes David Oyelowo (Paperboy Help The Last King of Scotland) Arsher Ali (Four Lions) Stephen Campbell Moore (The Bank Job) Makram Khoury (Munich) and BAFTA nominated Monica Dolan (Appropriate Adult). Complicit is produced by Jolyon Symonds (Mrs Mandela Thorne: Sleepyhead) and Kevin Toolis (Cult of the Suicide Bomber) and executive produced by Channel 4’s Roberto Troni and Hibbert.   It is a Manyriversfilms production for Channel 4.
The Crew includes production designer Chris Roope (Control The Blind Date) editor Stuart Gazzard (Severance Battle for Haditha) and director of photography Jan Jonaeus (Albatross).
 “Complicit is a movie that goes right to heart of that key moral question of our time. Can torture ever be justified? And how far can we go in the war on terror to stop another potential 9/11 attack without destroying the very democratic values we are fighting to preserve ” said producer and terror expert Kevin Toolis.
 “We are thrilled to be commencing principal photography on Complicit.  It is a privilege to be bringing Guy Hibbert’s complex thought provoking and hard-hitting script to the screen.  That we are able to tackle such a controversial subject in this way is testimony to Channel 4’s ambition and commitment to distinctive drama ” said Jolyon Symonds.
In Edward Ekubo Guy Hibbert has gifted me with a character that is at once assured yet fearful introverted and yet ever watchful. A spy who struggles to find his place in the World and yet is prepared to sacrifice himself for it said Oyelowo. ,3320
XDC FTT and Bewegte Bilder Form Dcinex,2012-05-31, XDC FTT and Bewegte Bilder are being rebranded as one company – dcinex – to provide digital cinema services in Europe. The decision to merge and develop the new common brand – dcinex - is intended to leverage the potential and knowledge base of the entities while reinforcing the synergies among all three.
 “With dcinex our goal is to strengthen our position of an end-to-end cinema sales and service organization and to create a leading brand with full geographic coverage across all European countries ” says Serge Plasch CEO of XDC.  “The time has come to join forces and fully utilize our wide range of know-how and experience.” 
  Dcinex will operate under two main business lines: Exhibitor Services and Content Services. The company will continue to serve all players in the cinema industry in a streamlined and focused way. On the Exhibitor side dcinex will focus on full service provision including equipment supply and installation VPF financing NOC Support and maintenance services. On the Content side dcinex will focus on offering the full range of post-production and mastering services for distributors and content owners as well as Pan-European physical and electronic delivery and digital rights management.  “This versatility accounts for the company’s past and current success and is the key to continued development of dcinex in the future” commented Carsten Schuffert XDC’s vice president of content and delivery services and CEO of Bewegte Bilder.  Dcinex combines lab and distribution services in different countries and enables us to have both a national and a Pan-European scope.”
The group employs approximately 200 professionals in 14 countries throughout Europe. “Until now the awareness of all three brands functioning under one umbrella has been limited ” says Till Cussmann FTT sales and marketing director. “Our individual brands are all very strong in their respective markets. With dcinex we will become one single entity while optimizing our different strengths and local footprints. The new brand will continue to operate locally with a high degree of independence while developing the full potential of a Pan-European network.” 
 The company is currently developing its new corporate identity which will be officially launched at CineEurope in Barcelona in June.