Cinesite Ventures into TV Production Secures Programming Deal with Discovery Networks

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Thu, 11/29/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Cinesite one of the world’s leading digital visual effects facilities has announced that it has completed its first venture into TV production by co-producing and selling its very first TV series  Rod and Rucksack to Discovery Networks across its EMEA markets. The five-by-60-minute travel and adventure series charts the journey of seasoned fisherman Guy Elson as he takes the trip of a lifetime to some of the world’s most remote and beautiful places in the name of extreme fishing. Elson’s travels take him to Australia Bolivia Canada Mongolia and Panama to find the very best in wildlife people culture and fishing. The co-production with gassProductions was filmed in HD at the end of 2011. “Our venture into TV production is a natural development of the Cinesite brand as we look at increasing the services and content we offer in addition to visual effects ” said Antony Hunt managing director of Cinesite and executive producer of Rod and Rucksack. “Our experience as a leader in the visual effects industry gives us the creative knowhow and technical ability to produce and co-produce an array of programming. Rod and Rucksack is our first television production and people may be surprised to learn that there are no visual effects in it; it’s simply a stunning travel and adventure series. We’re delighted that Discovery is the first broadcaster to pick up the rights and we relish the opportunity to develop more productions with gassProductions.” Andy Smith managing director of gassProductions said “It’s been an incredible journey producing Rod & Rucksack. Our crew has travelled around the world and filmed in the most testing of environments to capture Guy Elson fighting unbelievable fish. We’re extremely proud of the series and delighted with its initial sale to Discovery Networks. We look forward to co-producing more exciting and original television content with Cinesite.”