Cineplex Group Germany Signs with Ymagis for Digital Conversion

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Fri, 10/14/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The majority of the exhibitors forming the Cineplex Group in Germany representing roughly 420 screens have concluded a contract with Ymagis for digital conversion. Pursuant to this agreement Cineplex will achieve its digital deployment in the coming six months. Ymagis will provide Cineplex with various services from virtual print fee management and financing solutions to technical services. Each of the 73 cinemas that are part of this agreement will be equipped with DCI-compliant digital projection equipment from various manufacturers and with the new Ymagis Theatre Central Server to enable Cineplex to manage a secure infrastructure between all connected screens. The cinemas will be serviced by German Service Partners such as Cineproject FTT Rüttgers and Kinoton and by Ymagis’ subsidiary specialized in technical services Ymagis Engineering Services. 
Thanks to this agreement Cineplex will be able to provide its patrons a better cinema experience taking advantage of the most recent developments in the digital cinema technology. Once again the Cineplex group confirms its strong ability to innovate and to move towards improved operating efficiency. Ymagis has signed more than 550 screens signed in Germany of which the majority will be deployed before the end of 2011. Ymagis claims a leadership position of leader in the three largest cinema markets in Europe: France (more than 1000 screens signed of which 900 are deployed) Germany and Spain (close to 500 screens signed). Kim Ludolf Koch managing director of Cineplex Holdings says “With Ymagis we have found a partner who has been able to find adequate solutions to the diverse situations and requirements of our members. In addition to the 160 systems that have been recently installed our service partners will install another 260 systems in the coming months all these systems being covered by Ymagis’ financing model. This agreement will help us maintain in the future the existing business relationships with our technical service partners.”
 Jean Mizrahi founder and CEO of the Ymagis group says “Ymagis is proud to have been chosen by Cineplex to assist its conversion to digital cinema. This agreement awards Ymagis’ approach to the cinema market: respect of each country’s specific cinematographic culture and specificities equitable approach to all players in the industry search for the highest quality for our services. We intend to stick to this philosophy in the future and we will do our best efforts to offer Cineplex and other German exhibitors the best possible services for their digital operations.” 
 Michael Krauth Ymagis Deutschland deployment director says ”The signature of this agreement is a milestone for Ymagis’ development in Germany. We are extremely honored to be working with Cineplex a major group of exhibitors managing from Multiplexes to traditional Cinemas. After two years of intensive efforts our company has now become a major player in Germany. We will from now on focus on delivering the best services to all our clients and on offering solutions to all exhibitors who need to convert to digital. The time window for the conversion is now getting short as hybrid management of digital and 35mm will soon become very difficult for distributors and exhibitors. All exhibitors must have a chance to convert in the best possible conditions without being left on the side; we look forward to offering them adequate solutions to make this transition as smooth as possible.”