CinemaBarco Promises a New Era of Cinema Entertainment

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Thu, 03/13/2014 - 12:20 -- Nick Dager

At this year’s CinemaCon conference in Las Vegas, Barco will introduce a concept it calls CinemaBarco. The company’s goal is to use advances in technology to capture the attention of the moviegoer the moment he or she enters the theatre.

“We are bringing cinema into the future with bold strokes, big ideas and the showmanship we remember fondly from our childhood. CinemaBarco delivers an experience that people can’t get in their home theaters, enticing them into the cinema for a special event,” said Todd Hoddick, vice president global entertainment for Barco.

Representing a new paradigm in cinema entertainment, CinemaBarco magically brings every part of the theater to life, delivering visually spectacular and immersive entertainment before, during and after the show to create a one-of-a-kind movie-going experience. From the lobby, to the auditorium and beyond, exhibitors can outfit their cinemas with innovative solutions that feature built-in revenue enhancement opportunities and help them grow their business while enhancing the audience experience.

“When it comes to creating a more immersive cinema environment and boosting engagement,” said Hoddick, “we believe the sky is the limit, and we are committed to improving how people experience movies well into the future.” According to Hoddick, we are returning to the day when the movie theater was a place to dream and have adventures. “By employing the latest audience engagement, interactive lobby technology and immersive entertainment solutions,” he said, “exhibitors can create an environment that attracts a highly engaged community of moviegoers. CinemaBarco enables theater owners to capture more of the entertainment dollar by delivering a value-added experience far beyond the traditional movie date.”

CinemaBarco takes patrons on a journey that celebrates the art, science and magic of the movies, offering solutions that can be placed strategically throughout the theater to create a true destination experience:

Barco’s lobby enchantment solutions deliver the magic of sight, sound and social media to immediately immerse guests into magical environments that digitally transform the lobby to promote the most fantastic movies, stories and images.

Upon entering the theater, audiences are surrounded by an immersive theatrical experience delivering stunning experiential imagery, massive visual stimuli and iconic brand advertising to provide exceptional entertainment value and improved advertising revenues.

As the opening movie credits roll, audiences are transported into a compelling world enabled by Barco’s new laser projection and Auro 11.1 immersive cinema sound system, delivering the ultimate movie realism.

Emerging audience engagement apps allow patrons to immediately share their movie-going experience via social media. Patrons’ feedback can be captured via exhibitor apps and surveys, providing valuable impressions and other customer feedback to fuel future promotions.

Barco will be hosting demonstrations of The CinemaBarco Experience from March 25-27 at Cinemark Century 16 South Point and XD. Multiple sessions are available, with bus transportation provided. Visitors can register for a session at this website.