Cinema Advertising Boosts Tesco Clothing

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Sun, 09/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

In an article for the British web magazine The Grocer Ian Quinn wrote that clothing giant “Tesco has claimed cinema advertising is more effective than TV at making its brands look fashionable. Research from the retailer and Digital Cinema Media found cinema advertising significantly strengthened awareness of its F&F women’s fashion brand with 65 percent of cinema goers recognizing the branded advert compared to 48 percent from a non-cinema control group.” “People who saw the spring/summer 2012 ad in cinemas were 5 percent more likely than the control group to say that F&F clothing was ‘stylish and fashionable’ and that ‘F&F at Tesco clothes are good quality’ ” Quinn’s article continued. “’Cinema has helped Tesco communicate with a more targeted demographic that spends more time out of the home and contains light TV viewers’ ” Nick Jackman senior advertising manager for general merchandise at Tesco told Quinn. “’With that in mind it opens up further potential to reach a young upwardly mobile market in other categories such as the entertainment and gaming sector’.” Quinn’s article concluded “’DCM managing director Simon Rees added “’Cinema advertising is the most powerful medium with the highest recall rate. With cinema going digital and being more flexible with quicker turnarounds it is important to know that cinema is the medium of choice when it comes to strengthening a brand delivering key messages and attracting new customers’.”